February 2008 – Volume 2, Issue 2

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Welcome to the February 2008 Energy Management e-newsletter.

January witnessed the introduction of B.C.’s GHG Reductions Targets Act. In mid-February, the province continued to blaze a trail in managing greenhouse gases with the introduction of the first full-fledged carbon tax in North America. We offer a few details in our first feature of this newsletter.

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Robert Colman
Editor / Associate Publisher


B.C. carbon tax receives enthusiastic welcome

The B.C. government introduced North America’s first full-fledged carbon tax last week and made it the centerpiece of the province’s budget announcement. The concept of a carbon tax is one that has concerned industry for quite some time, but the B.C. government tempered the blow of its arrival with other tax reductions and certain industry exemptions. By gradually phasing in the tax, B.C. is showing its savvy, making sure everyone knows the province is open for business.

Full story: B.C. carbon tax

Loblaws’ cool moves

Being a true industry leader demands more than a commitment to sales. Loblaw Companies Limited understands this, and has staked a claim to be a leader in energy efficiency and environmental best practices as well, introducing groundbreaking technology and innovative energy management practices in its stores. This spring, it will showcase more than a few of its innovative moves at the new Scarborough Loblaw Superstore in Toronto.

Full story: Loblaws’ cool moves


Federal budget a boost for carbon capture tech

This week’s federal budget was lean on spending, and a disappointment overall for industry. However, it did include forward looking investment in carbon capture and storage technology — a crucial tool in climate change management. It also offered some relief through incentives for renewable generation and capital cost allowance treatments.

Full story: Federal budget

Carbon sequestration put to the test

Carbon sequestration is a process that both the Alberta government and Canada’s Federal government hope will both reduce carbon dioxide emissions and be a boon to industry players that invest in the technology. Now, a U.S. research team that includes partners from industry, academia and government has begun a test of injecting high pressure carbon dioxide into a deep saline geologic formation more that 3,000 feet underground, 11 miles east of the City of Gaylord, Michigan.

Full story: Carbon sequestration


Shifting into the Mainstream — Canada Green Building Council’s first National Summit
June 11-12, 2008
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Shifting into the Mainstream is where building industry decision makers will learn about how LEED Canada is evolving from one-time certification to a life-cycle building performance management system for any type of building, new and existing.

LEED Canada for Existing Buildings will be launched in 2009 and offer online assessment, action planning and performance verification as well as a certification process that is fast, economical and easy to access. This further development of LEED in Canada will allow for the massive scaling up necessary to meet the CaGBC goal of 100,000 buildings and 1 million homes certified by 2015, with 50 per cent reduction in energy and water use, and 50 Megatonnes of GHG emission reductions.

The summit program will deliver all you need to know to appreciate and prepare for the opportunities and challenges ahead, as LEED engages all building sectors, and enables comprehensive, widespread improvements in energy and environmental performance.

For more information visit www.shiftingintothemainstream.ca.

PaceControls LLC is now making its energy efficiency and demand response technology available in Canada. The PaceController retrofit controllers are proven and patented to save 10-20 per cent or more on energy costs for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration and will maintain full end use performance.
For more information on this product, click here.
Cam-Action Rotary Switches
Electroswitch Cam-Action Rotary Switches are ideal for a wide variety of industrial uses. A reliable and versatile design, these cam switches boast continuous ratings ranging from 20 to 800 amps at 120 to 600 volts and various horsepower ratings.
For more information on this product, click here.
Three Watt LED MR16 bulbs
LEDtronics introduces an addition to its line of drop-in replacement MR16-styled LED bulbs: high-powered 3 Watt LED MR16 bulbs.
For more information on this product, click here.

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