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The month of April was packed full of conferences. Peel Region's Energy Matters Summit and the Green Real Estate Conference were two highlights for me — check out the coverage in this month's e-news and on the website. The sessions I attended reminded me that to create energy efficient businesses requires teamwork, innovative thinking, and a really good base knowledge of your assets. ENEX09 will help you bolster this knowledge. Visit the website for updates on the conference program


Rob Colman
Editor, Energy Management


GeoSmart energy opens new Cambridge facility

BOMA Toronto celebrates building excellence

Building sector must change to meet global energy targets, new study finds

CITI achieves first ever LEED platinum accreditation for a data centre


Monitoring and tracking — how to improve your game
By Peter Rowles
You can't manage what you don't measure. This is the nuts and bolts of the continuous improvement energy management model. In energy management circles it is referred to as Monitoring & Targeting (M&T). Managing energy without an M&T program is like playing golf without a scorecard.

Lighting efficiency series: finding the money for your upgrades
By Greg Jones
Given the current economic climate of North America, the impetus to cut costs is of greater urgency than it has ever been. This factor, coupled with the emerging threats of global warming and environmental damage show an increasing need for energy-saving measures to help shore up cost-cutting measures, while simultaneously minimizing damage to the environment. There is support out there for companies that want to create valuable change. more...

The Reinvention Convention
By Ken Sinclair
On June 9th I will be in Santa Clara, California over seeing the presentation of several sessions on ''The Reinvention of Building Automation.'' more...


ENEX09 — Become the energy management go-to person for your organization
The bottom line benefits of lean operations and energy efficient systems are clear in any economy. Energy Excellence 2009 (ENEX09) is the place to find the tips and tricks that can help you improve the day-to-day performance of your facilities.

Practical ways to green an older building
No matter how enthusiastic a building owner or manager might be regarding the greening of their facilities, it can be a challenge with an older building. At this year's Green Real Estate conference, a few experts offered their suggestions on how best to manage the process.

5 key areas to inspect for energy savings
By Colin Plastow
Energy conservation can save you thousands of dollars per year with relatively little capital investment. Following is a helpful checklist of five key areas for inspection and the recommended tools to help you pinpoint potential fixes.

Technical training survey — let us know what you need to know!
In a down economy, training is more important than ever. CLB Media Inc., the publisher of Energy Management, understands this and wants to know how your company is meeting its training needs in today’s market. We encourage you to take our brief survey on the subject.
To take the survey now, click here.

U.S. climate change legislation — the view from Washington

Community involvement a key to clean energy innovation


Ontario Power Summit, May 25-26, St. Andrew's Club & Conference Centre, Toronto, ON

Green Buildings, May 27-28, Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2009, May 31-June 3, Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

DR Expo: DR, The Low Hanging Fruit of Smart Grid, June 8-11, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

ENEX09: Energy efficiency benefits for the bottom line, September 22-23, Stage West, Mississauga, Ontario

Check out the Calendar of Events on the Energy Management website for more upcoming industry seminars, conferences, shows and training sessions.

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