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In New Brunswick late last month, the Premier's Awards for Energy Efficiency were handed out for the first time. This issue of the Energy Management e-newsletter includes case study highlights of a few of the winners. If you're looking for first-hand case study knowledge, I encourage you to sign up for ENEX09, which will feature presentations from representatives of Husky Injection Mouldings, Crown Metal Packaging, and St. Mary's Cement, among others. Learn how these and other companies have become energy management leaders — and how you can do the same!


Rob Colman
Editor, Energy Management


Toronto Green Roof By-Law passes

Federal government launches new sustainable communities initiative

BC community to reduce GHG emissions with hydrogen power system

Canada Green Building Council announces 100th LEED certified building

Owens Corning installs largest SolarWall system of 2008

New research shows benefits of adopting best-in-class energy management practices


Hot water heating renewal series: Building code and safety issues
By Alan Sutton
A Building Code is a set of rules that specify the minimum acceptable level of safety for constructed objects. The public interest for health, safety, and specific economics issues, are safeguarded through the issuance of a Building Code. Through these documents, governmental authorities require mandatory compliance to building related practices which are considered safe and economically prudent.

Lighting efficiency series: Commercial CFLs - application vs. solution
By Greg Jones
The introduction of high output compact fluorescents (CFLs) for commercial applications has created quite a buzz in the market as an inexpensive alternative to replacing a customer's existing metal halide fixtures. The appeal is enticing; why not simply screw in a CFL lamp in place of a metal halide lamp to generate savings of over 50 per cent in energy costs? Sounds like a no-brainer, but is it? The answer is not so simple, but to paraphrase Spock from the USS Enterprise: It's really quite logical. more...

Building automation: The power of the people
By Ken Sinclair
''The Power of the People'' refers to both the power of people to create change as well as the fact that electrical power, which only a few years ago seemed to be the property of the utilities, is now perceived to be the power of the people that use it. These definitions and points of view are radically changing our industry. more...


Dealership leads transportation industry with energy efficient new facility
By Tracey Somers
Peterbilt NB's new building in Moncton's Caledonia Industrial Park is a showstopper, when compared to other heavy duty truck dealerships. It is the only dealership east of Alberta that can bring a truck into its showroom and it is one of the most energy efficient buildings of its kind in the province. That performance won it a New Brunswick Premier's Award for Energy Efficiency in the Outstanding Energy Efficiency Project – Commercial New Construction category this year.

Flakeboard proves itself an energy management leader
By Tracey Somers
Incorporated in 1960, Flakeboard Company Limited has grown from a pilot plant to a multi-site, world-scale producer of composite wood products. Using lumber industry by-products and under-used wood species once landfilled or burned as waste by forestry operators or sawmills, Flakeboard manufactures a variety of particleboard, medium density fibreboard (MDF) and FIBREX thin high density MDF. Its innovative practices has won it the New Brunswick Premier's Award for Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector this year.

Toronto East General and St. Joseph's in Hamilton announce completion of substantial energy retrofits
In the last two weeks both Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) and St. Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton announced the completion of the construction phase of major energy saving and facility renewal programs. more...


Canada Green Building Council National Summit: Every Building Can Be Green, June 9-11, Montreal, Quebec

Ontario Energy Industry Charity Golf Tournament, July 23, Station Creek Golf Club, Gormley, Ontario

Ontario Energy Network Luncheon, Sept 22, Don Drummond, Senior VP and Chief Economist, TD Bank Financial Group

ENEX09: Energy efficiency benefits for the bottom line, Sept 22-23, Stage West, Mississauga, Ontario

Northeast B.C. Natural Gas Summit, Sept 30 - Oct 1, Metropolitan Centre, Calgary, Alberta

Check out the Calendar of Events on the Energy Management website for more upcoming industry seminars, conferences, shows and training sessions.

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