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At last month's Canada Green Building Council Summit in Montreal, it was made abundantly clear that green buildings are becoming more and more popular. Many organizations appear to feel that Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards are a must-have now, rather than a nice addition to their portfolios. This month is a round-up of some of the most interesting stories that came out of the Summit.

Meantime, planning for ENEX09 continues. We've just confirmed that a representative from Partners In Project Green, the eco-business zone around Pearson International Airport, will be presenting the keynote address on the opening day. Come to ENEX and find out how businesses of all kinds are helping each other improve their energy efficiency and their ''green'' practices.


Rob Colman
Editor, Energy Management


CaGBC launches GREEN UP

Number of LEED APs to exceed 6,000 by end of year

OEB proposes changes to revise cost responsibility when connecting renewables to the grid

New BOMA BESt certification categories

Flexible solar strips light up campus bus shelter at McMaster

Cambridge Memorial intros innovative solar heating and energy efficiency program

Atlas Copco first to offer certified 'net zero energy consumption' compressors



Hot water heating renewal series: The importance of boiler venting
By Mike Zongor
Flue details are regulated by the Technical Standard and Safety Authority (TSSA). Improper flue design can be rejected by a TSSA inspector, leaving an expensive fix. At the same time, the rules are confusing and seemingly ever-changing so this is an area that requires attention from a knowledgeable and trained professional.

Lighting efficiency series: Stretching the savings
By Greg Jones
Everyone is always saying the best way to save energy is to turn off your lights and equipment when they are not being used. It is a simple concept but not so easy to put into practice. It requires a cultural change that is hard to implement and even harder to maintain. more...

My Clouded Thinking Clears
By Ken Sinclair
'There are clouds on the horizon and I am excited. The summation of my takeaways from ConnectivityWeek in Santa Clara was that Clouds are OK. In fact the power of data clouds and cloud computing to simplify the presentation and management of extreme amounts of data are truly amazing. We all already use these concepts every time we book air travel online or view Google Earth. more...


Partners in Project Green: Summer 2009 update
By Chris Rickett
In the winter of 2009, businesses around Toronto Pearson International Airport banded together to develop Partners in Project Green – an initiative to transform Canada's largest employment area into an internationally recognized eco-business zone. Energy Management will be providing a quarterly update on activities in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone.

Integration key to making green buildings work: CaGBC Summit
At last month's Canada Green Building Council Summit, held in Montreal, the word of the week was ''integration.'' Whether you're building a new building or retrofitting an old one, the message was simply, integrate all hoped-for outcomes early in the project. Only through integration will the greatest benefits be realized.

CaGBC intros existing building certification, new construction changes and accreditation updates
By Lenny Talarico and Robert Colman
On August 3rd the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) will launch the second phase of the LEED Canada Initiative: LEED Canada for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 2009. This is one of many changes to LEED in Canada this year. Later this year, LEED Canada for New Construction and Major Renovations will be updated as well, with new weightings for a variety of elements. Meanwhile, the accreditation process for LEED APs is getting an overhaul as well. more...

Geothermal technology part of a smart business plan
By Cheryl Marco
Business owners and entrepreneurs seeking environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways to 'go green' need look no further than the systems they are using to heat and cool their office and commercial spaces. This is where businesses can reap tremendous cost savings while simultaneously reducing Canada's carbon footprint. more...


Ontario Energy Industry Charity Golf Tournament, July 23, Station Creek Golf Club, Gormley, Ontario

Ontario Energy Network Luncheon, Sept 22, Don Drummond, Senior VP and Chief Economist, TD Bank Financial Group

ENEX09: Energy efficiency benefits for the bottom line, Sept 22-23, Stage West, Mississauga, Ontario

Northeast B.C. Natural Gas Summit, Sept 30 - Oct 1, Metropolitan Centre, Calgary, Alberta

Atlantic Power Summit, October 5-6, Delta Brunswick Hotel, Saint John, NB

Gearing up for a Low Carbon Economy, October 6-7, The Fairmont Palliser Hotel, Calgary

Check out the Calendar of Events on the Energy Management website for more upcoming industry seminars, conferences, shows and training sessions.

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