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Welcome to the November 12th Energy Management e-newsletter. It has been a busy couple of weeks in Ontario, with George Smitherman stepping down as Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, and Gerry Phillips taking his place. Meantime, Bullfrog Power expanded into the Maritimes, and Invensys launched a new energy management application for the process and manufacturing industries.

I had a chance to visit the new headquarters of Enermodal Engineering, where Enermodal's President, Stephen Carpenter, explained what makes their new building so energy efficient. He also offered advice to existing building owners on where to start with energy use improvements. Click here to watch a video of him explaining all of this.

Meanwhile, it looks like energy prices are set to rise. No big surprise there, but it's a reminder for us all why energy efficiency is so critical. As always, I appreciate your comments about anything you read here.


Rob Colman
Editor, Energy Management


Gerry Phillips becomes Ontario's new Minister Of Energy And Infrastructure

St Marys Cement awarded Silver Certification in Energy Excellence

Invensys introduces corporate energy management application for process and manufacturing industries

BMO turns green in Atlantic Canada, Bullfrog enters the Maritimes

Metro Toronto Convention Centre achieves BOMA BESt Level 3 certification

Economic recovery will drive energy prices and demand

Bentall to develop new LEED office building at Broadway Tech Centre



Partners in Project Green: training tomorrow's leaders
By Jennifer Taves
Businesses around Toronto Pearson International Airport banded together in 2008 to develop Partners in Project Green Рan initiative to transform Canada’s largest employment area into an internationally recognized eco-business zone. Energy Management Magazine will be providing a quarterly update on activities in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone. This month is an update on stimulating renewable energy market uptake and developing ''green'' jobs.

Partners in energy savings: Algonquin Power and Norampac-Mississauga
By Myfanwy Parry
Reusing waste heat can save companies a tremendous amount of money. But what happens when you've got too much? One exciting, energy-saving partnership that has taken place in Peel is an agreement between power generator Algonquin Power and Norampac-Mississauga to transfer waste steam from the power generator to the paper products company. The partnership has helped Norampac cut its natural gas use substantially.

Quick wins in improving your energy efficiency
At the launch of Enermodal Engineering's new offices in Kitchener-Waterloo, company President Stephen Carpenter explains some of the novel technologies they have adopted, such as a variable flow refrigerant system (like a ground-source heat pump without the ground), and offers other companies advice on where to start when attempting to make an existing facility more energy efficient. more...

Why replace it when you can wrap it?
By Glenn Machado
With production time and cash flow at an all time premium, more and more companies are looking for time and cost saving alternatives to replacing slightly damaged assets. In a refinery, just to cite an example, it is very common to encounter a leak from a hole in a carbon steel pipe. At first, this may seem like a simple repair, which would normally be fixed by cutting the old leaking section of the pipe and welding in a new section. The majority of the time though, it is not that straightforward. Chances are that the leaking pipe is located 60 feet above the ground on a pipe rack, next to another pipe through which steam flows at 300°F. Besides, having logistical issues, the leaking pipe is also responsible for supplying water or any other fluid to an important part of the plant. If this fluid supply were to be shut down, it would cost the refinery $10,000 per minute in lost production. more...


Ontario Sustainable Energy Association's Community Power Conference, November 15-16, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building

APPrO 2009: The 21st Annual Canadian Power Conference and Networking Event, November 17-18, Toronto, Ontario

MainTrain Toronto, November 23-26, Novotel Toronto Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Alberta Power Summit, November 24-25, The Metropolitan Centre Calgary, Alberta

Energy 2009: Lean and Green - Energizing the bottom line through energy efficiency, November 24-25, Toronto Congress Centre

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