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Positive news this past week if you are looking to fund larger projects in Ontario. The government has increased substantially incentives available for solar thermal heating projects. At the same time, BOMA Toronto has doubled its incentives for its conservation and demand management program.

In other news, Rockwell Automation has published some guidance on HVAC system efficiency, Osram Sylvania announced the winners of its LED Design Challenge, and industry leaders have published a guide to help building owners and managers make the case for energy efficiency in your buildings.

Although we generally deal strictly with energy efficiency here, I include an article this issue about climate change strategy in manufacturing operations. This may well affect your company operations, and this is a great explanation of how that might happen very soon.


Rob Colman
Editor, Energy Management


Ontario government increases incentives available for solar thermal heating initiative

Rockwell Automation offers guidance to maximize HVAC system efficiency

Osram Sylvania's ''Next Icon LED Design Challenge'' nets innovative lighting ideas from its partners

ASHRAE, IES seek to lighten energy use through changes to Standard 90.1

NBCC signs province-wide geoexchange training agreement

Making a case for energy efficiency in existing buildings: new industry publication

BOMA Toronto's CDM Program approves its 300th applicant - First Canadian Place



The Smart Grid: 5 issues that will define what it looks like, and when it will be achieved
By Robert Colman
There is much talk today about renewable power, the smart grid and cleantech that is supposed to change the nature of our power grid. But while we are seeing a positive move to a greener and more intelligent electricity grid, there are lots of hurdles we will have to tackle before we achieve the intelligent grid we are aiming for. Those hurdles were concisely captured in Roger Gale's recent keynote address at the Association of Power Producers of Ontario's (APPrO) annual conference.

Hats off to The Gas City's solar project
By Ricki Normandin
Medicine Hat, Alberta, dubbed ''The Gas City'' because of its huge natural gas reserves, is looking to the sun for some of its own energy needs. The city has set a target to provide 25 per cent of its residential energy from renewable sources by 2025.

Smarter, more agile green IT – now within reach for small businesses
By Robert Colman
The value of having greener, more energy efficient IT departments has been well understood for the past few years, but until recently those efficiencies weren't financially viable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Times have changed quickly, as Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada can attest to. With IT virtualization, the company has become much more agile and, in the process, much more efficient.

The transition to a low carbon world: Manufacturers need to prepare
By Julie Matthews
With prospective climate change legislation and policy discussions in the United States and Canada, intensive international negotiations culminating later this year, and ongoing stakeholder interest, companies are scrambling to develop or boost their climate change strategies. For heavy manufacturers, it is now clear that climate change regulation would have a significant impact on business. The US Environmental Protection Agency's mandatory reporting under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Rule and the Ontario draft Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting regulation and guideline now have a reporting threshold of 25,000 tonnes from combustible emissions per facility.


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Globe 2010, March 24-26, Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

ENEX, May 11-12, Hamilton, Ontario

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