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Welcome to the first Energy Management e-newsletter of 2010. This week's e-news includes highlights from a presentation by Greg Towsley from Grundfos on how to get the most out of your pumps, including 5 maintenance missteps in pump management. Also, we include a feature on St. Marys Cement's energy management success story. The company has not only been integrating energy management practices throughout their facility, they've also been able to create an innovative partnership with a firm that is saving them money and improving their greenhouse gas management practices. It's worth asking — is such a partnership a possibility for your organization?

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Rob Colman
Editor, Energy Management


Ottawa and Provinces failing on green buildings: report

Wind power in Ontario generates a new record in 2009

Real Estate Institute of Canada endorses BOMA BESt

Minto Midtown now largest LEED Gold certified condo in North America

US Government awards Smartcool GSA contract

Cleanfield signs Letter of Intent with WePOWER

Husky announces new energy efficient office building for Lloydminster



Financial mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions — why they are important
By Peter Rowles
The topic of climate change has been hotly debated for the past 20 years. Until recently, scientists, politicians and business leaders, especially in North America, have not been able to agree on the existence of the problem let alone what measures should be taken to mitigate it. It is only recently that consensus levels have dramatically increased. Even the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, admits that climate change is real when he says: ''The facts are there, that we have created... a self-inflicted wound through global warming.'' It is now generally accepted that climate change is real, immediate and requires substantive action.

Lighting efficiency series: It's RRSP time... for lighting?
By Greg Jones
Well, it's that time of year again — RRSP season is just around the corner. Every year I leave this to the last minute. The delay is usually due to my procrastination over where to put my money. Where can I get a decent return? My choices are usually pretty limited. But what if I had the option of getting a 30-100% return?

Building automation and the cloud educational series in Orlando
By Ken Sinclair
I am often asked how one can learn more about the transitions now occurring in our building industry. One way is to travel to a warm location in January, and be part of the World's Largest HVAC&R Event and my 11th consecutive year of providing free education sessions at AHR Expo in Orlando, Florida.


Are your pumps working as efficiently as they should?
When considering how to make a building more energy efficient, lighting always seems to be the first thing that comes to mind. However, as Greg Towsley explained at the recent PM Expo in Toronto, there are many savings opportunities related to pumps that aren't being captured — and savings to be found in better maintaining them.

St. Marys Cement in Bowmanville solidifies its energy management practices with certification
In the fall of 2009, St. Marys Cement in Bowmanville was the first North American industrial organization to receive its Certification in Energy Excellence (CEE). St. Marys received a silver level certificate after completing an in-depth, 12 month, third-party energy assessment. The certification was the culmination of three years of work on the company's energy management program, through which the energy management team developed innovative ways to save money. more...

Smarter, more agile green IT — now within reach for small businesses
The value of having greener, more energy efficient IT departments has been well understood for the past few years, but until recently those efficiencies weren't financially viable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Times have changed quickly, as Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada can attest to. With IT virtualization, the company has become much more agile and, in the process, much more efficient.


GEA and the Smart Grid Development in Ontario, January 26, St. Andrew's Club and Conference Centre, Toronto, ON

Ontario Energy Network Lunch, February 17, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto, ON

Renewable Energy in Ontario, March 1-2, St. Andrew's Club and Conference Centre, Toronto, ON

Globe 2010, March 24-26, Vancouver, BC

ENEX: Energy efficiency benefits for the bottom line, May 11-12, Hamilton, Ontario

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