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News update: New ENEX speaker announced - LEED Green Associate credential launched - Lighting consortium moves to standardize LEDs.


Humber College intros innovative chiller system, receives over $150,000
The City of Toronto presented Humber College with the grant for its success in reducing its carbon footprint and increasing its energy efficiency. A 35 year old chiller system was replaced with innovative new technology. more...

Mount Sinai Hospital receives over $722,000 for deep lake water cooling program
Mount Sinai Hospital was given the grant from the City of Toronto for its success in adopting Deep Lake Water Cooling for the hospital. more...

Building Envelope: Zerofootprint's Re-Skinning Award deadline fast approaching
Zerofootprint is offering the Re-Skinning Award to showcase the most successful building retrofitting projects of the year. more...

Korean consortium moves fast to consolidate green energy sector in Ontario
The Korean Consortium, which signed a green energy investment agreement with the province of Ontario on Jan. 21, has begun negotiations with several established wind and solar power manufacturers to expedite the development of four facilities. more...

BOMA Canada initiates technical and content review of BOMA BESt
BOMA Canada is kicking off a national review of the BOMA BESt environmental certification program by inviting BOMA members and other interested parties to submit recommendations on how to improve BOMA BESt. more...

Dr. Jan Carr joins Legend Power Board
Legend Power Systems Inc. announced that Dr. Jan Carr, former CEO of the Ontario Power Authority, is joining its Board as an independent director. more...

Cleanfield providing green energy solutions to Ontario schools
Cleanfield Alternative Energy Inc. has announced that two Ontario school boards will purchase its technology for installation in spring. more...

BOMA Toronto CDM Program launches online incentive application
The BOMA Toronto Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Program incentive application process and its overall website experience have been enhanced to accelerate the process. more...

ASHRAE '10: Conference highlight the release of Green Building Standard
A standard set to be a game changer in the industry was introduced at ASHRAE's 2010 Winter Conference. An online overview seminar on the standard is now also available. more...

Nexstar Lighting launches new website
Aurora, Ontario-based lighting company creates interactive site for new and existing clients. more...


Lighting Efficiency Series: OPA to the rescue with energy retrofit incentives
By Greg Jones
New energy retrofit incentives will provide capital assistance that can be used for almost any kind of project that will provide verifiable electrical energy savings.

Building Automation: 2010 to be the year of the Smart Building app
By Ken Sinclair
We just returned from a very successful AHR Expo in Orlando and the buzz was all about how powerful cloud-based web services are radically changing building automation industry.


Low tech to no tech: how Minto Midtown's design and management reduces energy use
By Robert Colman
Minto has made a name for itself as a leader in green building practices by adopting innovative technologies, management practices, and heavy promotion of sustainable buildings. Minto Midtown shows off all aspects of its success - from innovative ventilation and heating to smarter billing.

360 Energy President and St. Marys Cement representative added to ENEX schedule
Two new speakers have been announced for this year's ENEX Energy Excellence conference. more...

Air filtration & energy costs – cutting your unnecessary losses
By Ron Cox
One item that comes under scrutiny among facility managers looking to reduce expenses is the HVAC system. It may seem logical to save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year by reducing the frequency of air filter change-outs, or by downgrading to a lower-priced filter. In fact, the small amount of money saved by reducing air filter purchases or by purchasing lower-priced (and lower efficiency) filters pales in comparison to the energy and operating costs saved via robust air filtration maintenance.


Reduced-wattage lamps
Shat-R-Shield's reduced-wattage, safety-coated,
metal halide lamps.

HVAC response probes
Measurement Specialties line of fast-response probes, available in small diameters to fit into restricted areas.

Decorative LED-S14 lamps to cut power consumption
Replacement lamps for the S14 shaped incandescent lights.


Ontario Energy Network Lunch, February 17, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto, ON

Renewable Energy in Ontario, March 1-2, St. Andrew's Club and Conference Centre, Toronto, ON

Globe 2010, March 24-26, Vancouver, BC

ENEX: Energy efficiency benefits for the bottom line, May 11-12, Hamilton, Ontario

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