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Enmax and Cisco expand the Smart Grid - OPG in search of biofuels
- Energy Excellence Award up for grabs at ENEX.


Globe Foundation presents prestigious awards for innovation
The GLOBE Foundation announced the winners of the 2010 GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellence. This year saw winners in seven award categories, including Corporate Environmental Excellence - Facilities and Events, Technology Innovation and Application, Excellence in Emerging Technology, and Excellence in Urban Sustainability and Finance. more...

ENMAX and Cisco collaborate on Calgary Smart Grid project
ENMAX Corporation and Cisco recently are collaborating on the development of ENMAX's next-generation utility model to further Calgary's energy management and efficiency goals. more...

Desjardins launches new business energy efficiency loans
Quebec businesses that plan to take measures to reduce their impact on the environment will now be able to have such projects financed, 100 per cent, by Desjardins. more...

Morrison Hershfield and Sustainable Energy team up for joint solar PV projects
The companies will collaborate to provide complete project design and installation services for commercial and institutional rooftop and land based solar photovoltaic systems. more...

ARISE confirms $2 million contract to provide solar systems to Ontario school boards
The company received contracts to provide 11 Ontario school boards with specialized solar systems as part of the Ontario Green Schools Pilot Initiative. more...

Retailers prepare for reduced summer lighting programs
Both Walmart Canada and Staples announced their participation in Earth Hour this week. They also announced ambitious reduced summer lighting programs. more...


The next big things: how building automation will change complex installations and commissioning
By Ken Sinclair
A dynamic duo of automated building tools is set to eliminate complex installations and provide self set-up, connection, and commissioning while self-populating the needed information for Web deployment.

Lighting efficiency series: Keeping up with LED developments
By Greg Jones
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend an excellent presentation on LED lighting. The seminar was hosted by one of the more progressive lighting distributors that is doing an excellent job of ensuring their customers are well informed about where LEDs fit best in a facility.


Smart grid outlook: Business benefit, data, analytics and customer-centric technologies ahead
By Andy Zetlan
The term 'smart grid' has so many definitions that it is often difficult to find industry experts who can agree on trends in the industry. However, based on my company's work with hundreds of utilities in North America and around the world, we have found several trends that should continue to drive activity throughout the rest of 2010.

District heating and beyond: Lessons from Scandinavia
By Crystal Luxmore
These days, residents of Finnish cities, towns and villages, nestled among thick forests and thousands of cold lakes, are kept warm by wood. Clean, green energy from wood pellets, chips or bio-oil fuels a central boiler and pipes the heat into the local hospital, schools, and homes. For many of these towns, co-operative district heating models have brought not only a lower carbon footprint, but the foundation for a thriving, local economy. So why aren't the fledging forest towns in Northern Ontario, B.C. and New Brunswick following suit?


Extech dual-laser IR thermometer with color alert
Includes an innovative alert system that changes the display color when an alarm is triggered. more...

New 10-kva UPS is smaller, more economical
Staco Energy Products' FLU-10S, a second generation to their FirstLine 10kva three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). more...

Pass and Seymour dual-technology wall switch sensors
Provides optimum energy management and control for a variety of commercial applications. more...


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