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Dear readers:

As the new Editor of Energy Management, I welcome all EM readers to my first e-newsletter.

My first week as Editor has been an exciting one. In Ontario, possibilities in community power and renewable energy are starting to open up as the provincial government's Green Energy Act and Feed-in Tariff program go full steam ahead. This was the central topic of discussion at the MaRS Community Finance Power Forum held in Toronto, an event that introduced entrepreneurs to energy innovators. For more on this and other recent stories, check out the news items below.

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John Gilson


New LumiSmart lighting controller launched in Toronto. Easily installed system promises cost savings on lighting systems of 30 per cent or more.


Community power: Go small or go home
By John Gilson
Community power and renewable energy were the major themes of the Community Finance Power Forum, held today at the MaRS Discovery District today Toronto.

New solar panel manufacturer to open In The Sault
A new Sault Ste. Marie company will help Ontario become a leader in clean energy technology, creating new jobs in the community, according to a release by the Ontario government. more...

New Ontario program to help communities develop clean energy projects
Communities across Ontario will be able to benefit from a new program designed to make it easier to plan, develop and bring to life small-scale renewable energy projects, according to the Government of Ontario. more...

Smartcool steps into Asia-Pacific with new distribution agreement
Smartcool Systems Inc. has signed a major distribution agreement with Tegma Asia Pte Ltd., giving this corporation the right to sell Smartcool's energy efficiency retrofit technology across select Asia-Pacific markets. more...

IES launches new site
The IES (Illumination Engineering Society) has announced the launch of the new IES Toronto Section website, which the company says features the latest lighting information in the GTA. more...

Legend Power's Ontario market potential more than triples
Legend Power Systems Inc. advises that as of April 14th 2010, the Ontario Power Authority substantially increased their conservation incentive funding across the entire province of Ontario for non-lighting technologies such as the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR. more...

Sofame receives $555k order
Sofame Technologies Inc. has received an order from Tozour Energy Systems (TES)—a full-service HVAC and building automation provider—to engineer and supply a $555,000 Percotherm heat recovery system. more...

Quebec Inuit off-grid community support hydro project to replace diesel electricity
The Inuit community of Inukjuak, located on the shores of northern Hudson's Bay, has voted in support of replacing dirty diesel-generated electricity with clean hydro power. more...

Enerkem announces funding from Alberta Energy for its Edmonton waste-to-biofuels facility
Enerkem Inc. announced that it has been selected by Alberta Energy to receive funding for its future Edmonton waste-to-biofuels facility, operated under the name of Enerkem GreenField Alberta Biofuels (EGAB). more...

Trans-Lux Corporation announces formation of Trans-Lux Energy
Trans-Lux Corporation has announced the formation of a new subsidiary company called Trans-Lux Energy. Trans-Lux says the new company will feature a comprehensive offering of the latest LED lighting technologies that provide facilities and public infrastructure with ''green'' lighting solutions that emit less heat, save energy and enable creative designs. more...


Functional Devices two-/three-stage half-light controllers
Functional Devices introduced a series of half-light controllers that provide independent control for multiple ballast light fixtures from a single existing wall switch. more...

Staco Energy online energy savings calculator - 2010
A new section of the Staco Energy Products Company website—the Energy Savings Community—aims to help users better understand their energy usage and, thus, the potential for energy savings. more...

AEGIS SGR bearing protection rings
Any truly ''green'' process must achieve sustainability as well as energy efficiency. AEGIS SGR Bearing Protection Rings from Electro Static Technology make this possible by dramatically extending the lives of motors controlled by variable frequency drives (VFDs). more...


CaGBC Annual Summit, June 8-10, Vancouver, B.C.

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