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The focus of this e-newsletter edition is bioenergy, which is perfect timing considering the number of projects and events taking place across the country. Bioenergy is an abundant resource, coming in many forms—from corn ethanol to wood. In this e-newsletter, you will find features on the subject, as well as an example of how a New Brunswick mill is making use of bioenergy.


John Gilson


Biomass: A viable alternative?
By John Gilson
Biomass has been drawing attention in recent years. The depletion of fossil fuels, the growing threat of global warming and—most recently—the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have caused governments and businesses to re-examine their dependence on fossil fuels.

CompX Waterloo receives Energy Excellence Award
By John Gilson
CompX Waterloo was awarded Energy Management’s first annual Energy Excellence Award. The Energy Excellence Award, sponsored by Fluke, was created to celebrate the successes facilities have had in transforming their approach to energy use and introducing a culture of continuous improvement in energy management.


New ENEX Energy Supplement
With energy efficiency being such a popular topic of discussion, one would think that every business was fully engaged in making it a reality in their facilities. However, this isn’t always the case. more...

Positive summertime outlook for Ontario's electricity system: IESO
Ontario's bulk power system has enough supply available to meet summer demands and accommodate Ontario's power needs over the next 18 months, according to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) in its latest 18-Month Outlook. more...

Energy management strategies gaining traction: SCTE
Cable system operators are taking significant strides in reducing energy usage and costs and exploring alternative energy sources, according to Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), following a panel on energy management at The Cable Show in Los Angeles last week. more...

New program: What’s your building EQ?
Engineers across America have begun assessing the energy use of selected buildings as part of a pilot program designed to encourage the building industry to cut energy use and costs, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). more...

Investment made in Lake Utopia energy efficiency project
The New Brunswick government announced that it is providing a $10.8-million repayable loan and a $500,000 grant to help J.D. Irving Ltd. improve the environmental performance of its Lake Utopia paper mill. more...

New protections for energy consumers
The Ontario government passed legislation that it says will pave the way towards additional protection for energy consumers while allowing for greater energy conservation through suite metering. Once in force, the legislation will lead to new rules and regulations. more...

Canada’s Greenest Employers announced
Canada’s Top 100 Employers recently announced the 2010 Canada’s Greenest Employers. Launched in 2007, Canada’s Greenest Employers recognizes the employers that lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness in their organizations. more...

Solar companies form joint venture
SkyPower Limited and Conergy, Inc. have formed a landmark international joint venture. The two companies plan to lease space from—or partner with—real estate companies, big box retailers, property owners and governments to design, finance, build, own and operate rooftop solar systems. more...


Serco HVLS fan series
The High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan series is designed to provide facilities with a cost-effective and energy efficient cooling and heating solution, says Serco. more...

Panduit vertical exhaust system (VES)
The Net-Access VES channels hot exhaust air directly to the ceiling plenum, preventing hot air recirculation into the data centre. The company says this reduces cooling system operational costs by 25% or more. more...

Bridgeport Magnetics ISO-PUCK II
The Tortran Division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc. introduces ISO-PUCK II, a re-designed enclosed hospital grade isolation transformer. more...


CaGBC Annual Summit, June 8-10, Vancouver, B.C.

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