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Last week I was invited to Illinois to celebrate the opening of Panduit's new world headquarters, a state-of-the-art facility designed with LEED specifications in mind. Serving as a living case study of Panduit's Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI)-based solutions, the building is smarter, more integrated and—most important—more efficient in regards to energy and water conservation. After listening to many speeches, many of them concerning sustainable development, I couldn't help but feel optimistic about the future. You can read more about the event below.

This e-newsletter also includes new products, news items, and columns by Ken Sinclair and David Kroeker, the environmental supervisor from CompX Waterloo's award-winning facility. In addition, if you have any story ideas—or perhaps you are interested in writing a column—please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing your input.


John Gilson


Energy Mgmt joins EBMag Group

Energy Management Canada – the website you've come to know and trust for the latest in energy management thinking, best practices, sustainability and more, has officially joined the Electrical Business Group.

Energy Excellence Award
winner CompX Waterloo

For CompX Waterloo, what started out as an idea transformed into a long-term strategy towards greater energy efficiency. See firsthand the improvements the company has made to its award-winning facility.


Panduit celebrates transformation
By John Gilson
Last week Panduit invited Energy Management to take part in celebrating the opening of its new world headquarters (WHQ) in Tinley Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Guests from around the world were invited to tour the cutting-edge facility, as well as take part in informing keynote speeches and breakout sessions.


To any company thinking about starting energy-conservation initiatives
By David Kroeker
Pursuing energy-savings strategies may seem an overwhelming activity at first, especially considering how to start and how much capital is to be allocated. But at CompX Waterloo, we are a perfect example that significant energy consumption reductions can be achieved by using innovative ideas with minimal capital expense.

Building grid connectivity
By Ken Sinclair
After returning from a very successful ConnectivityWeek—with a record attendance of 1,300 energy and business leaders gathered in Santa Clara, CA—I am now convinced more than ever that building automation and the grid will be the first major demonstrations of a truly smart grid.


Efficiency NB wins international award
Efficiency NB is the first Canadian organization to receive the International Star (I-Star) Award for Energy Efficiency by the Alliance to Save Energy. The award recognizes Efficiency NB's Large Industrial Program for pioneering creative energy efficiency programs and innovative solutions. more...

Ottawa building receives $36,800 energy-efficiency rebate
Last week, GreenSaver announced the 200th applicant, Ottawa's Queen Elizabeth Towers, to its Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebates (MEER) initiative. The building performed a chiller upgrade for $36,800 in rebates from the program. more...

EnOcean and Texas Instruments expand energy harvesting technology cooperation
EnOcean and Texas Instruments (TI) are expanding their cooperation to provide wireless solutions for building automation. Through this agreement, the companies will jointly create solutions enabling self-powered wireless sensor networks. To further optimize its product portfolio. more...

Federal government awards leaders in energy efficiency
TLast Wednesday the Government of Canada presented the ENERGY STAR Market Transformation Awards, which recognize leadership in a wide range of energy-efficient products, technologies and services. ''Energy efficiency is an important tool for addressing climate change... more...

Ontario printing company recognized for energy efficiency
Ontario's Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Brad Duguid joined an elementary school and an eco-friendly print shop that were celebrating important milestones in reducing their energy consumption and protecting the environment. Yesterday at Connaught Public School, Duguid spoke with teachers and 290 kids. more...

Sustainable Solutions creates GreenCircle Certified, LLC
Sustainable Solutions Corporation has spun off the certification division of its business, creating GreenCircle Certified, LLC as an independent, third-party company that will certify sustainability claims for businesses and organizations. GreenCircle Certified, LLC will substantiate sustainability claims in the following areas. more...

SCTE to form subcommittee to develop new standards practices
The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) is creating a new technical subcommittee within the SCTE Standards Program to develop standards and recommended practices for energy management and related topics. The SCTE says the Sustainability Management Subcommittee (SMS). more...


WEG Electric Quattro and W22 Super Premium motors
WEG Electric Corp. will add two new energy-efficient motors to its line: Quattro and W22 Super Premium. Quattro, a line-start permanent magnet motor, is a hybrid model that features a three-phase distributed winding in the stator. Operating at IEC established IE4 efficiency levels. more...

PV Powered 35kW and 50kW inverters
PV Powered announced the upcoming availability of two new commercial inverters rated at 35kW and 50kW. The company says these sizes allow installers and designers to more easily work within site-specific space limitations and provide an essential building block to complete larger projects. more...

Broan Nutone Energy Star recessed fans-lights
Broan Nutone's recessed, Energy Star fan/lights now feature SensAire technology to ''ensure moisture is effectively exhausted at the source by automatically ridding the home of excess humidity''. Products with SensAire can be used anywhere where excessive moisture is a concern. more...


The Canadian Institute's Energy Storage, Thursday July 7-8, 2010, Toronto, ON

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