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Dear readers:

We are entering uncharted territory when it comes to energy generation in Canada. On one side of the equation, we are seeing a proliferation of new energy sources, particulary from renewable resources, as the "green economy" becomes a reality. At the same time, however, the Canadian population is growing, the fossil fuel economy is slowly being phased out and, in some areas of the country, the electrical system is badly outdated and in need of repair. These latter factors alone, in my opinion, will drive up the costs of energy in the future, ushering in a new era of energy conservation.

If you're a building operator or facilities manager, there is a silver lining. Switching over to a conservation-based economy is no easy task. As a result, various levels of government throughout the country are offering consumers plenty of rebates and incentives. In Ontario, for example, consumers have a whole bag of goodies to choose from - Check it out here. So rather than fear a future that we can't predict, I say take advantage of it. In the meantime, I recommend you do your research to make sure you don't miss any government or corporate cost-saving opportunity that comes your way.

Stay tuned for next week, as I take a closer look at Ontario's electricity system and the particular list of opportunities and challenges energy consumers face in that province.

If you have any concerns or suggestions for EM, please feel free to contact. As always, I look forward to hearing your input.


John Gilson


News Update - 27 July 2010

U. of Calgary offering new energy executive MBA; Quesnel and Terasen Gas sign LOI for renewable energy system; Ontario's FIT benefits Scarborough solar plant. More...


Spending to save: energy efficiency incentives and payback
By Erik Wolfe
Suppose your CEO calls tomorrow and asks, ''What are we doing about power consumption?'' What will you say? Reducing consumption by turning off computer monitors and equipment requires lifestyle changes to be adopted through the entire organization. These are easy choices to make, but they are hard to implement.


Commissioning: getting it right from the start
By David Underwood, P.Eng
Due to the integration and interdependency of systems and assemblies, a performance deficiency in one system can result in less than optimal performance by other systems. The commissioning process should be implemented in new and existing buildings—and the correct management of that process is critical.


Wind and solar experts to speak at Ontario Feed-in Tariff Supply Chain Forum
Over 50 renewable energy experts are confirmed to speak at the upcoming Ontario Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Supply Chain Forum, which will take place from October 5-6 in Toronto. The event is being organized by Canadian Clean Energy Conferences. more...

New Brunswick invests in smart grid technology project
The Government of New Brunswick announced today that it is working on an electricity demonstration project by NB Power that uses smart grid technology. The province will be working with the other Maritime provinces, as well the federal government and a number of communities. more...

LUXEON Rebel LEDs illuminate major bridge in China
Future Lighting Solutions announced the completion of a bridge lighting project in the Chinese city of Harbin, which utilizes 1,288 linear floodlights containing 12,000 LUXEON Rebel LEDs. The new lighting, spanning the 1,565-meter Songhuajiang Bridge over the Songhua River. more...

Nova Scotia changes air quality regulations to combat power rate increases
Yesterday, Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter announced his government's plan to reduce the impact of rising fuel costs by making changes to the province's air quality regulations. ''I said that Nova Scotians would not be unduly burdened by our commitment to reduce mercury,'' said Dexter. more...

BC schools to receive energy-efficient upgrades
More northern and interior schools in British Columbia will benefit from energy-efficient mechanical upgrades as part of a $20-million investment by the province and school districts, according to the provincial government. ''These upgrades put student learning first. more...

Finavera Renewables and GE Energy sign $7.5 million agreement
Finavera Renewables, a developer of renewable energy resources, has entered into a project development partnership with GE Energy. Under the terms of the Joint Development Agreement (JDA), GE will provide Finavera Renewables with project development funding up to $7.5 million. more...

Eaton enhances energy services offerings with acquisition
Eaton Corporation, a diversified industrial manufacturer, has acquired EMC Engineers, Inc. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, EMC Engineers, Inc. is an energy engineering and energy services company that delivers energy-efficiency solutions. more...

Ballard completes factory testing of utility-scale PEM fuel cell-powered generator
Ballard Power Systems, a provider of clean energy fuel cell products, announced the successful completion, during second quarter, of factory testing of a utility-scale distributed generation system using the company's proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. more...

ASHRAE seeking papers for its 2011 Annual Conference in Montreal
ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) is seeking papers addressing advances in alternative technologies and net-zero buildings, as well as HVAC/R fundamentals and commissioning for the association's 2011 Annual Conference in Montreal. more...


i2Systems Apeiron A1161 elevator downlights
LED lighting developer i2Systems is now shipping the first solid state elevator downlights to be rolled out in volume, which the company says chops energy consumption by 75% over conventional halogen models as well as lengthening lamp life from as little as 1,000 hours to 50,000. more...

Cooper B-Line Arista solar PV flat roof mounting system
Cooper B-Line unveiled its Arista mounting system for solar photovoltaic (PV) commercial rooftop applications. The company says that, unlike other PV mounting systems, the field-adjustable Arista's pre-assembled fittings and clamps make installation easy. more...

Alpha-Core magnetic amorphous c-cores
Alpha-Core (a division of Bridgeport Magnetics) says the magnetic properties of its amorphous c-cores offer several advantages over cores made of silicon steel, ferrite and powdered iron, including an almost almost 50% size and weight reduction due to its much higher saturation induction. more...


FCM Mission 2010, Quebec from August 15-20

IIDEX/NEOCON CANADA 2010, which runs from September 22-25 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto

2010 NECA Convention and Trade Show, October 2-5, Boston, MA, USA

Check out the Calendar of Events on the Energy Management website for more upcoming industry seminars, conferences, shows and training sessions.

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