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The important responsibility of energy management professionals cannot be minimized. In my opinion, this responsibility will only grow in the future as green energy and climate change awareness expand, and the population—and the burden it places on energy systems—continues to grow. The proof is everywhere and can be found in this e-newsletter. For example, the Government of Nova Scotia is investing $1 million in green technology projects; in BC, the LDB received a $50,000 rebate for installing energy-efficient boilers; in Alberta, the provincial government is offering a new commercial lighting incentive. There is also a growing demand for education in energy management. Just a few weeks ago, the University of Calgary introduced an MBA program specifically for energy management; in this e-newsletter, you will find a news item about the Centennial Energy Institute and its new IBEX program for energy management folks.

If businesses and institutions want to survive in the future, they will need to have top-quality energy management individuals. If you're an energy manager, continue to educate yourself on your trade and stay updated on regulations and incentives—this is your time to shine.


John Gilson


The silver lining in Ontario's energy dilemma
By John Gilson
When it comes to energy, Ontario has a lot of problems: it's electrical system is outdated, and the province faces the long-term risk of not being able to produce enough energy to sustain a dynamic economy. If nothing were to be done, power outages and energy rationing would become facts of life.


CEI offers IBEX program for facility and plant managers
The Centennial Energy Institute (CEI), in collaboration with respected industry partners, is offering the Industrial and Buildings Energy eXpertise (IBEX) program. This self-paced, online energy-management training program is based on the UK Energy Institute's Training in Energy Management Through Open Learning (TEMOL) program. more...

BC's LDB receives $50,000 rebate from Terasen Gas Efficient Boiler Program
The B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) received a rebate of approximately $50,000 from Terasen Gas for the installation of two energy-efficient boilers at its Vancouver Distribution Centre, according to a provincial government news release. ''Saving energy saves money,'' said Rich Coleman. more...

Nova Scotia investing $1 million in green technology projects
The Government of Nova Scotia has announced over $1 million of funding for green technology projects that it says will help the province go green. These projects are being administered by ecoNova Scotia. ''The government is showing genuine leadership by working closely with municipalities. more...

Veridian urges customers to take "Power Pledge"
Veridian Connections is urging residents and businesses in its service areas to commit to a few simple, meaningful conservation actions to lower energy use, avoid energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by taking ''The Power Pledge''. more...

Alberta introduces commercial lighting incentive program
The Government of Alberta is introducing a new commercial lighting incentive program that it says will give business owners some bright ideas to boost energy efficiency. Under a $4-million pilot program, Albertans who operate restaurants, offices, warehouses and other businesses are eligible for a provincial rebate. more...

Xebec signs biogas contract with Terasen Gas
Xebec Adsorption Inc., a provider of clean energy solutions, has signed a contract to build a complete biogas upgrading plant for Terasen Gas. ''Xebec strives to establish strategic partnerships with leading Canadian utilities to move forward our vision to be a North American leader in clean energy solutions.'' more...

SNC-Lavalin awarded district cooling project in Saudi Arabia
SNC-Lavalin Construction has been awarded an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract by Saudi Tabreed for district cooling facilities in Dhahran in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). According to the company, the value of the contract is over $105 million. more...

Frito Lay Canada receives $500,000 government rebate for upgrades
Frito Lay Canada, a division of PepsiCo Canada, is investing more than $2 million in its New Minas operations to upgrade production equipment and make the facility more environmentally sustainable. Frito Lay Canada's New Minas facility is a major employer in Nova Scotia. more...

Hydro-Québec says no rate increase for 2011
Hydro-Québec Distribution filed a rate proposal with the Régie de l'énergie that would maintain its current electricity rates for the years 2011-2012. Hydro-Quebec Distribution says this rate proposal, which covers the period from April 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012, testifies to its commitment to provide high-quality customer service. more...


Nora Lighting slim-line LED LightBar - 3.3 watts per foot
Nora Lighting introduced a slim-line LED LightBar system that uses only 3.3 watts per foot for retail installation. The fixtures are CA Title 24-compliant and are ¾” wide x ½” deep in size. A range of cable and mounting options are available for applications such as display cabinets, shelving, cove lighting. more...

Carlo Gavazzi PD70 pedestrian and industrial door sensors
Carlo Gavazzi launched a new series of slim-profile photoelectric sensors for pedestrian and industrial door applications. The PD70 packs a multitude of features and approvals into a compact housing that can fit in many installations. With a housing that is only 11.5-mm wide by 11.5-mm deep. more...


FCM Mission 2010, Quebec from August 15-20

IIDEX/NEOCON CANADA 2010, which runs from September 22-25 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto

2010 NECA Convention and Trade Show, October 2-5, Boston, MA, USA

Check out the Calendar of Events on the Energy Management website for more upcoming industry seminars, conferences, shows and training sessions.

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