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As seen over the past couple weeks, more and more facilities are realizing the benefits of sustainability. After sending a request for submissions, I have received many examples of energy-efficient buildings—from small local companies to larger corporations like Wal-Mart.

Government is also taking a more active role: various governmental organizations from across the country are investing in sustainability and energy-efficiency. This is especially true in British Columbia, where the government is putting solar panels on BC schools, and in Ontario with universities there trying to go greener. However, in Ontario, efforts for greater sustainability have also been obstructed by road blocks—read the feature by Terri Kafyeke and the column by Ernest Belyea for more on this.

In addition to submitting your success stories, EM would also like to see your best videos—for real-world examples of energy efficiency.


John Gilson


Japan claims that Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program violates WTO rules
By Terri Kafyeke
The Ontario Power Authority’s feed-in tariff (FIT) program is quite popular in the province, which explains the increasing number of solar projects and the growing need for solar certification courses to train qualified installers.  Nevertheless, the program is being strongly criticized by Japan, who has formally started a World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute with Canada. The request for consultations was received by the WTO. More...

Energy master plans: Streamline operational efficiency and reduce costs for companies with high energy usage
By Jerry Carter and Zach Platsis
Not too long ago, making decisions about a company’s energy management and sustainability was a fairly uncomplicated process for most facility managers: switching to fluorescent lighting, replacing the HVAC to a more efficient system or upgrading to a more integrated process controls architecture to streamline production. These and scores of other initiatives may have been undertaken to make a company more energy-efficient. More...


Uncertain times
By Ernest Belyea
For the first 100 years or so of electricity in Ontario, electricity was delivered by a vertically integrated publicly-owned monopoly utility named the Hydro-Electric Power Commission, known later as “Ontario Hydro”. The brand continues to be so strong that Ontario is likely the only place where “hydro” is synonymous with “electricity”. But for small problems like $20 billion in stranded debt, life was relatively simple. More...


Ontario electricity and gas companies joining forces to help companies save money
Ontario’s largest electricity and gas distribution companies have delivered a joint “call to action” to Ontario’s largest businesses, saying the time to reduce the Province's overall energy load and invest in new energy conservation programs is now, according to a press release by the Toronto Hydro Corporation. More...

Kingston General Hospital launches energy-efficiency upgrade program
Kingston General Hospital (KGH) has entered into a $10.5-million facility upgrade and conservation program with Honeywell to reduce energy costs and its impact on the environment. The program, which combines roof-mounted solar panels with traditional energy-efficiency upgrades, will save the hospital about $760,000. More...

Jaga Climate Systems / ABS ESCO partner to improve green building construction systems
Jaga Climate Systems, a provider of sustainable heating solutions, announced a partnership with ABS ESCO, Inc., a Toronto-based consulting and construction firm. By focusing on sustainable mechanical and electrical engineering solutions, ABS ESCO and Jaga will work together to provide energy-efficient alternatives. More...

OPA signs contract for clean energy project in Sault Ste. Marie
The Ontario Power Authority (OPA)  and St. Marys Paper Corporation have signed a 10-year contract for the company to generate clean electricity at a new biomass-fuelled plant to be built next to its existing mill in Sault Ste. Marie. St. Marys Renewable Energy Corporation will operate the new plant. More...

BC pumps $2.8 million into “cleaner, greener” public buildings
Solar panels will focus the sun’s energy to heat water and improve energy efficiency at schools, post-secondary institutions and hospitals across B.C. thanks to capital funding from the Public Sector Energy Conservation Agreement (PSECA), according to a press release by the Government of British Columbia. More...

System for monitoring electricity use heralds greener homes and cheaper bills
Researchers in Pittsburgh believe a new monitoring system may soon be available for residential use to combat high energy bills during the winter months. The research has been published in a special issue of Yale’s Journal of Industrial Ecology on environmental applications of information. More...

Ontario universities going greener: Report
Ontario’s universities are doing more than ever before to track and implement green initiatives on their campuses, according to the “Ontario Universities: Going Greener Report of Campus Sustainability Initiatives”, presented at the Council of Ontario Universities’ (COU) Going Greener Forum. More...

TAF launches ClimateSpark challenge
The Challenge is offering a $10,000 cash prize and a pool of approximately $15 million in financing for business projects that reduce urban greenhouse gas emissions. The web 2.0 “crowdsourcing” and “ideation” platform allows an online community of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, policy makers, environmental leaders and business buffs. More...

Poll: Business leaders still focused on sustainability
Despite continuing uncertainty about the world’s economy, results from the “BSR/GlobeScan State of Sustainable Business Poll 2010” show more than 8 in 10 respondents (84%) are somewhat or very optimistic that global businesses will embrace CSR/sustainability as part of their core strategies. More...


Mersen Surge-Trap STXR series
The new series includes the Surge-Trap STXR series provides overvoltage protection for distribution branch panels, control panels and equipment. Mersen says the advanced performance Surge-Trap STXP series provides overvoltage protection for larger distribution panels and branch panels. More...

Continental Fan DX motorized BC impellers
Continental Fan says its DX motorized centrifugal impeller is a superbly crafted, precision balanced air-moving device that features superior performance and compact design. It is ideally suited to applications where space is limited. The coupling of the motor and impeller minimizes space requirements. More...

Cavet Technologies LumiSmart ILC lighting controllers
Developed for the commercial and industrial markets, Cavet Technologies says the LumiSmart ILC is a purpose-built product that dramatically reduces power consumed by existing and installed fluorescent lighting systems with no discernable impact on occupant comfort. More...


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APPrO Conference 2010, November 16 -17, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario

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