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The spotlight in this issue is Insulated Glazing. CLICK HERE to see our entire 2012 editorial calendar.

New Insulated Glazing Technologies Pose an Exciting Future

After many years of being no more than a niche, the ''smart window'' market now seems ready to take off, according to market research firm NanoMarkets, LC. READ...


VIDEO - Just a few 2012 Canadian GE Lighting Revolution dates left! Don't miss your opportunity
GE Lighting has taken its lighting solutions on the road with the 2012 GE Lighting Revolution Tour, but time is running out! READ...

COLUMN - Cloud Control and the evolving Cloud Control Languages "CCL"
The reach of the data, the speed of retrieval, the interaction with anything and everything plus the ability to visualize large amounts of data quickly will allow the kids today to do what has never been done before, and achieve amazing solutions for both operations and energy reduction. READ...


CSA wants you for new Building Energy Estimation Methodology standard
Interested in participating in CSA Group's new technical subcommittee (TSC) as part of its ongoing Energy Efficiency Program? The proposed standard would ideally allow designers to compare the overall energy impact of the various design options while keeping overall project costs within acceptable limits. READ...

Deadline approaching for inaugural BLOOM Sustainability Leadership Award
Does your organization ''create exemplary business and stakeholder value through sustainability''? If yes, you could apply for the inaugural BLOOM Sustainability Leadership Award. READ...

SaskPower applies for rate increase to invest in electrical system
SaskPower has submitted an application to the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel for a 4.9% rate increase, effective January 1, 2013, saying the increase is needed to fund investments in the province's electrical system to keep up with a ''growing economy and maintain electrical reliability''. READ...

Johnson Controls' Isabelle Lavoie appointed ASHRAE 2012-15 director
Isabelle Lavoie, of Johnson Controls in Saint-Laurent, Que., has been appointed to ASHRAE's 2012-13 team of officers and directors. READ...

UL certifies first fridge under new sustainability standard
Shopping for a new fridge? UL has named Whirlpool Corp. as the first company to certify its products under the new sustainability standard for household refrigeration appliances. READ...

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2012 Media Kit


GE Lighting Revolution Tour 2012, July 30-31, Toronto, Ont., August 7, Montreal, Que., August 10, Halifax, N.S.

Certified Passive House Consultant 9-day course, July 31 to August 4, August 20 to 23, Toronto, Ont.

Construct (and CSI Annual Convention), September 11-14, Phoenix, Ariz.

BOMEX 2012 National Conference & Exhibition, September 11-13, Ottawa, Ont.

ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference, October 1-3, Atlanta, Ga.

Sustainability Applied 2012, October 17-18, Toronto, Ont.

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