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The spotlight in this issue is Legislation. CLICK HERE to see our entire 2012 editorial calendar.

Energy efficiency legislation benefits real estate market

The results of a recent global survey find more than a third of respondents say a lack of enforcement of existing regulations is a leading obstacle to investments in energy efficiency. READ...


The Lighting Community
Hurricane Sandy has been a very graphical demonstration of how we need to control quickly all our electrical building loads to prevent further damage when disaster strikes. Our ability to control millions of square feet of connected buildings in an organized start up or a remote request not to start at all, is huge. READ...

EDIST 2013

Drake Landing Solar Community sets world record for energy efficiency
Drake Landing Solar Community has achieved a new world record for energy efficiency by generating 97% of its space heating needs through solar energy. Want to know how? READ...

EM CAREERS - Stantec seeking Energy Modeller
The Stantec Integrated Asset Management Solutions group is currently looking to fill an intermediate or senior Energy Modeller role for its Manitoba office. READ...

New student-led Enbridge program helps industrial customers get energy savvy
While it is usually the students who gain real-life experience from on-the-job training, this fall, Ryerson University students will be teaching local industrial customers how to be more energy efficient. READ...

Cool pavements = warm buildings = rising electricity bills
University engineers have found that replacing old, heat-trapping paving materials with highly reflective materials (cool pavement) could actually lead to higher electricity bills for surrounding buildings. READ...

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