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The spotlight in this issue is Global Adjustment. CLICK HERE to see our entire 2012 editorial calendar.

SPOTLIGHT: Large electricity consumer? Take control of your global adjustment!

Recent regulation changes now allow larger consumers to choose how the global adjustment is charged, giving them an option to be billed based on their consumption during the top five peak demand hours in the province. READ...


FEATURE - Rejuvenated First Canadian Place building trims energy use
After three years of renovation work, First Canadian Place celebrates the completion of its large-scale rejuvenation project—with its biggest success story being its reduction in energy consumption. READ...

Guelph receives $47,000 in rebates for energy audits in city facilities
Guelph Mayor Karen Farbridge recently accepted rebate cheques totalling $47,612 from Guelph Hydro and Union Gas for an extensive energy audit program conducted earlier this year. READ...

Ontario wants electricity consumers to PUSH the Green Button
The Ontario Government has launched the Green Button initiative, which aims to provide electricity consumers with greater access to information about their energy consumption. READ...

Manitoba Hydro debuts PAYS Financing for energy efficiency
Manitoba Hydro wants to help make energy efficiency accessible to more Manitoba homeowners and tenants who rent a home, but how? READ...

PowerStream recognizes Provident Energy Management as a CDM Champion
Provident Energy Management has been recognized by PowerStream as a Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Champion for utilizing the saveONenergy conservation programs. READ...

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