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The spotlight in this issue is Building Envelope. CLICK HERE to see our 2013 editorial calendar.

SPOTLIGHT: Groundwork Tips for Energy Efficiency

As temperatures begin to drop and thermostats dial up, it's important to guard against potential areas of the home where energy may be lost, resulting in higher utility bills. READ...

COLUMN: Industries' Connection Communities Blur

We now expect to see and control everything from our smart phones or tablets. This social and technological phenomenon of connection has greatly changed the expectations of all products and services. READ...


PHOTOS - Construct Canada (November 2012) Toronto, Ont.
The Energy Manager team recently attended the 24th annual Construct Canada tradeshow—one of the country's largest building design and construction shows. SEE...

Schneider's 2013 Go Green in the City competition opens to Canada!
Schneider Electric recently announced the 3rd edition of its international competition focused on developing innovative energy solutions for smarter cities... and the challenge has finally opened up to Canadians! READ...

Top ''Wasteful Behaviour'' scores prizes and more with Team Power Smart
BC Hydro has announced the First Place and Top 10 photos for the Team Power Smart photo contest. This year's theme was ''Wasteful Behaviour'', and judges looked at how entries captured wastefulness. READ...

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