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The spotlight in this issue is Solar Energy. CLICK HERE to see our 2013 editorial calendar.

You're energy-conscious at home... but what about work?

There has been increasing mention of the Jevons Paradox in conversations about energy efficiency. So what is it, and what does it have to do with energy-efficient lighting that does not reduce electrical load? Also, while we may be incentivized to save energy at home, are we doing anything in the workplace? WATCH...

Solar energy is an investment with a strong return

Companies have traditionally seen energy as a cost to be managed, rather than an opportunity for investment, but advances in the solar market have made this energy source a smart option for a number of reasons. READ...


Quesnel River Pulp receiving up to $1 million for reducing energy consumption
Quesnel River Pulp, a division of West Fraser, has received a $250,000 incentive from the FortisBC for its significant commitments to reducing its energy consumption, which could grow to $1 million over the next three years. READ...

Manitoba Hydro launches Power Smart Neighbourhood Program
Manitoba Hydro's new Power Smart Neighbourhood program aims to help communities improve the energy efficiency of lower-income neighbourhoods on a block-by-block project basis. READ...

Chemical industry says it's an indispensable provider energy efficiency solutions
The American Chemistry Council (ACC) recently touted projections in a new report by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), saying the chemical industry is an indispensable provider of solutions that improve the energy efficiency of buildings. READ...

Ecobee launches Power Partner thermostat program pilot with Austin Energy
Ontario-based Ecobee Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with Austin Energy to launch the Texas utility's 2013 Power Partner thermostat program pilot. READ...

Union Gas helps students try their hand at energy projects
Union Gas says it is helping Limestone Learning Foundation fund the Energy Prototyping Project at Ernestown Secondary School, courtesy of a $2100 grant. READ...

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