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The spotlight in this issue is Efficient Appliances. CLICK HERE to see our 2013 editorial calendar.


Powering down to save energy

As homes become increasingly digital, energy consumption is increasing. Now come smart appliances that hook into the internet or are otherwise linked to a network, and because they are part of a network, they need to stay ‘live’ to receive and transmit data. READ...


The Dawn of Database
The subjects of this column—Platforms, Frameworks, and Databases—focus on the fact that our industries’ connection communities have all converged at a similar place and point in the cloud. READ...


ASHRAE, ANSI and IES want YOUR input on lighting efficiency improvements
Now open for public review are the proposed changes to the ASHRAE/IES energy standard which will require automatic lighting controls in more space types and shorten the times before lighting is automatically reduced or shut off. READ...

Keynote speakers, interactive workshops and more at Energy Matters Summit
Have you registered for the Energy Matters Summit yet? This interactive forum is designed to foster energy management collaboration and sharing of best practices. READ...

LiveSmart BC Small Business program lives on!
The $1.6-million LiveSmart BC Small Business program will be extended another year—until March 31, 2014. Launched in January 2011, the program has served over 10,000 businesses, says the government, helping them save 150 GWh of electricity. READ...

Former Toronto mayor David Miller recognized at 23rd annual Energy Efficiency Forum
Canada’s own David Miller, 2003-2010 mayor of Toronto, Ont., was recently honoured for his efforts in instituting and advancing energy efficiency. READ...

Telkonet provides energy management technology to Marriott hotels worldwide
In an effort to reduce its energy consumption by 20% by 2020, Marriott has selected Telkonet to provide occupancy-based energy management technology throughout all of its hospitality brands worldwide. READ...

Global spending on BEMS for utility customers to near $320M by 2020
A new report predicts global spending on building energy management systems (BEMS) for utility customers would reach $319 million worldwide by 2020. READ...

Research to expose power-hungry appliances that impact home energy bills
New United Kingdom research could help people save on their energy bills by identifying the household electrical appliances which use the most power. Smart meters are to be installed in every UK home by 2019. READ...

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