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VIDEO: There are unknown unknowns... but not with energy management

In a world of varying agendas, to whom do you turn for the truth? How do you differentiate between outright denial and overzealous hysteria? By not engaging in that debate in the first place, and sticking with a known known: proactive energy management. WATCH...

COLUMN: Build Bridges not Fences

Giant pieces of our industry are being captured online in the cloud and we have neither the time nor the resources to recreate them. We simply need to find the best way to build bridges and connect and collaborate with these resources. READ...

Electric Mobility Canada


Green Family Challenge will have light bulbs shaking in their sockets
Enersource's Green Family Challenge is the first time, it says, that singular Ontario Power Authority (OPA) mandated programs have been linked together to encourage consumers to participate in multiple programs. READ...

GreenSaver launches initiative to add 5000 energy-efficient homes
Ontario homebuilders and utilities will have the opportunity to improve the energy conservation of new homes through the new campaign: the Residential New Construction (RNC) program. READ...

ACEEE 7th national conference on energy efficiency breaks records
According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), its recent national conference established an all-time record attendance with many first-time attendees. READ...

Union Gas making homebuilders “future ready” with Optimum program
A new Union Gas program aims to move residential homebuilders' energy-efficiency practices 20% ahead of provincial standards, in advance of the next Ontario Building Code change in 2017. READ...

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