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The spotlight in this issue is Back-up Power. CLICK HERE to see our 2013 editorial calendar.

SPOTLIGHT: Bridging the gap between research and utility companies

Our energy and utility industry is evolving—largely due to the need for improvements to infrastructure, a growing demand for alternative energy sources, and a customer who is becoming more engaged with their energy use and habits. READ...

APPrO 2013


VIDEO: There are unknown unknowns... but not with energy management
According to the David Suzuki Foundation, scientists are more certain than ever that human activity is causing climate change. Meantime, the Heartland Institute says human impact on climate is nearly invisible. How on earth do you position yourself on the right side of the debate? WATCH...

VIDEO - Out of the mouth of babes: Smart Kids and energy conservation
In case you missed it, PowerStream’s Residential CDM department launched what it calls “a fresh new advertising campaign” this past spring showcasing a group of children—‘Smart Kids’—who, in both print materials and videos, explain how simple it is for customers to benefit and participate in some of the utility’s conservation initiatives. WATCH...

Canada recognized as “world leader in energy efficiency” in IEA report
Congratulations, Canada! A new market report from the International Energy Agency has recognized Canada as a world leader in energy efficiency. READ...

Feds amending energy efficiency standards for light bulbs to include halogens
The government has announced a proposed amendment to Canada's energy efficiency standards for light bulbs, saying it will provide greater choice for consumers and align with standards in the United States. READ...

With JCC acquisition, expect more-efficient Leviton lighting solutions
Leviton has acquired JCC Advanced Lighting, a player in LED lighting for a variety of residential and commercial applications. READ...

Ontario challenges YOU to develop energy app for residents
An Ontario contest is offering $50,000 to support the best new apps that use electricity data collected by smart meters. READ...

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