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The spotlight in this issue is Energy Intelligence. CLICK HERE to see our 2013 editorial calendar.

SPOTLIGHT: Achieving business outcomes with energy intelligence

Energy spend can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line, especially where operating margins are tight. Energy usage and building control data can prove a gold mine of information when harnessed the right way. READ...

APPrO 2013

COLUMN: How Our Future is Delivering Disruption

Delivering Disruption seems like an unlikely topic to speak to but it is exactly the business we all are in today as we provide new solutions that leap over and significantly change our existing marketplace. READ...


One year later, BOMA BESt Buildings still consume energy 16% better than Canadian average
After analyzing about 100 million-sf of Canadian commercial real estate, the BOMA BESt Energy and Environment Report 2013 reveals that the energy consumption of BOMA BESt buildings are 16% better than the national average. READ...

A new kind of underground (sustainable energy) economy?
Vast energy sources are slumbering below big cities, say researchers from KIT and ETH Zurich, adding sustainable energy for heating in winter and cooling in summer may be extracted from heated groundwater aquifers. READ...

IKO honours Canadian Forces members with roofing promotion
IKO is honouring all active members and veterans of the Canadian Forces with its roofing promotion: IKO Salutes You and Roofs You. READ...

Energy harvesting device sales set to explode says Navigant Research
A Navigant Research report finds that energy harvesting technology will power an increasing number of consumer and industrial products that are untethered or need to become disconnected from electrical outlets. READ...

Hydro-Quebec promotes water-saving products as method to save home electricity costs
Hydro-Quebec is inviting customers to get a kit of products to help save electricity through the more efficient use of hot water, which it says represents 20% of home electricity costs. READ...

New PowerStream program aims to freeze out inefficient refrigeration systems
A Conservation and Demand Management program from PowerStream allows eligible business customers, who use commercial refrigeration systems as part of their operation, to better manage their electricity costs. READ...

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