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Alectra helps MSM Magna International achieve energy savings

March 12, 2018 — Alectra Utilities has presented MSM Magna International with a cheque of $127,632.81 following the replacement of compressors at the company’s Vaughan, Ont.-facility.

March 12, 2018  By  Ellen Cools

Alectra Utilities presents MSM Magna International with a cheque of $127

The replacement of the compressors, funded through Alectra’s Save on Energy Retrofit Program, will result in energy savings equivalent to removing 2,500 homes from Ontario’s electricity grid for a month.

Faced with changes related to retooling, and to meet ongoing increases in production volumes, Magna enlisted the help of Alectra’s conservation and demand management team to help identify savings associated with replacing an existing fixed speed compressed air system with a new variable speed system.

The retrofit for Magna’s powertrain design, development, testing and manufacturing division (Magna Powertrain) involved the replacement of two 250 HP fixed speed compressors with a high-efficiency 250 HP fixed speed rotary screw air compressor and a 250 HP variable speed air compressor. These changes resulted in improved production performance with an energy savings of 1,868,302 kWh per year and electricity demand savings of 167.72 kW.

“Alectra Utilities is committed to working with our business customers to ensure that they are receiving the best advice from our team of energy experts on reducing energy costs via improved energy efficiencies, and that our customers are fully aware of the many Save on Energy programs and incentives available to them,” said Raegan Bond, VP, conservation and demand management at Alectra.


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