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Amprobe Test Tools’ 18 new products

Amprobe Test Tools recently introduced 18 new meters for conducting a wide range of measurements, including humidity, temperature, air flow, sound, light, gas detection, distance, revolutions-per-minute, pressure and cable wiring. The launch is the largest product expansion for the company in over two years.
The introduction includes six new temperature and relative humidity meters for use in data centres, HVAC, plant maintenance, and food and beverage:
•    TMD-10 Dual Temperature Meter — a portable, dual input thermometer with a digital dual display that displays T1, T2 and T1-T2.
•    TH-1 Compact Probe Style Relative Humidity Meter — a small, portable RH/Temp meter for quick comfort-level measurements.
•    THWD-5 Relative Humidity and Temperature Meter with Wet Bulb and Dew Point — a microprocessor-based meter for easy, quick access to relative humidity and temperature as well as wet bulb and dew point values.
•    TR100 and TR200 Temperature Data Loggers with Digital Display, and TR300 Temperature and Relative Humidity Data Loggers — three compact meters for recording temperature readings and/or RH using these parameters: sample interval timing, start/stop, date/time, HI/LO alarm threshold, unit selection, and number of memory points.
•    TMA40 Anemometer, Relative Humidity and Temperature —provides three measurements in one unit: air flow (velocity or volume), relative humidity and temperature.

December 17, 2008  By Energy Management

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