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ARISE Technologies tests PV modules manufactured in Ontario

ARISE Technologies Corporation, a solar technology leader, announced that it has the initial test results for ARISE PV modules manufactured in Ontario by a third party contract Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) using PV cells from its factory in Germany.

The test results and initial inspection show that the performance of these modules for testing purposes have a quality that is similar to the ARISE PV modules manufactured in Germany for ARISE by an existing OEM module manufacturer. ARISE currently supplies more than 15 module manufacturers with PV cells from its plant in Bischofswerda, Germany.

With a "made in Ontario" PV module, ARISE expects, subject to having the necessary capital resources, to start delivering systems that meet the 60 per cent domestic content requirements as laid out by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in the third quarter of 2010.

In Canada, the Company is currently shipping limited quantities of ARISE branded modules that are manufactured in Germany. In launching its line of Ontario-manufactured modules, ARISE intends to ensure that quality and supply levels meet its North American customers' expectations.

"We are very pleased to announce the launch of our line of Ontario-made modules. With the implementation of the Ontario government's Feed-In Tariff, we felt the time was right to partner with Ontario-based OEMs to produce our own modules here," said Vern Heinrichs, ARISE's President and Chief Executive Officer. "This represents an excellent opportunity for us to increase our presence in the Ontario market while also contributing to job creation in our home province."

"Certification is a time consuming process and we believe that having modules available for testing during the second quarter of 2010 will provide us with a short-term competitive advantage in the Ontario market. We expect to meet the Ontario domestic content requirements well ahead of the Jan. 1, 2011 deadline as set by the OPA," added Heinrichs.

April 28, 2010  By Newswire

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