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Axiom Energy meeting demand for refrigeration system savings with AI software

Customers of the new AI software include Whole Foods Market, Arcticom and Clima-Tech.

February 20, 2020  By  Megan Hoegler

Photo: Axiom Energy

Axion Energy has secured over $1 million worth of orders for its new Axiom Cloud software.

The Silicon Valley-based technology company’s new software leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously optimize energy and maintenance for commercial refrigeration systems.

Customers of the AI software include Whole Foods Market, Arcticom and Clima-Tech. The orders have all come within six months of launching the Axiom Cloud and include multi-site rollouts.

“Since we rolled out the Axiom Cloud, the response we have received from customers has been overwhelming,” Amrit Robbins, CEO of Axiom Exergy, said in a release. “It’s clear that there is pent-up demand for real solutions to the tough energy and maintenance problems plaguing this industry. We’ve been able to go from a proof of concept to significant market traction in a pretty short time period.”

Currently, customers can subscribe to two automated services through the Axiom Cloud platform; the Virtual Battery which transforms frozen inventory into a thermal battery by predictively pre-cooling the low-temperature cases; and the Virtual Technician which leverages AI to predict failures before they occur and autonomously improve system performance over time.

The Axiom Cloud platform can be quickly deployed to existing and new commercial refrigeration systems (such as those found in supermarkets, cold storage facilities and food processing plants) to transform them into more intelligent, and resilient assets.

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