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BACNet and LonWorks certification for E-Mon D-Mon smart meters

July 24, 2013 - E-Mon, a player in the electric submetering market, has announced that several models in the company’s advanced meter family meet or exceed equipment interoperability guidelines of BACnet Testing Laboratory and LonWorks. Applicable metering devices include E-Mon’s advanced class 3200, 3400, 5000, green class net meter, Din-Mon and interval data recorders. These E-Mon D-Mon series metering products are designed for a variety of energy monitoring apps, including integrating facility electrical equipment and systems with various building automation system protocols. According to the company, these designations will help increase brand equity and customer confidence with system integrators and other segments in which proven conformance to testing agency guidelines is becoming increasingly important to equipment suppliers.

July 24, 2013  By  Alyssa Dalton

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