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BC campaign to put Step Code into action launches

September 25, 2017 - Launched today, the campaign urges elected officials across British Columbia to use the BC Energy Step Code to require developers to build more energy-efficient homes.

September 26, 2017  By  Anthony Capkun

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial regulation enacted earlier this year that local governments can use to improve the energy efficiency of new homes that will be built in their communities. It consists of a series of steps, each representing a higher level of energy efficiency.

The campaign was launched at the annual Union of BC Municipalities Conference. It urges all local provincial governments to adopt the Step Code in bylaws at Step 3.

According to the campaign, a study prepared for BC Housing and the Energy Step Code Council shows builders who are required to meet the requirements of Step 3 will incur “only very modest construction cost premiums”. In most situations, they can achieve it for less than a 2% above what they would pay to build the same home to code, the study finds.

Three For All is an initiative of Three For All BC, whose members include Canada Green Building Council, Integral Group, Open Green Building Society, Passive House Canada, Pembina Institute and Recollective Consulting.

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