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Beacon Hill Park LED lighting renovation expected to save energy

April 6, 2018 — The city of Beaconsfield, Que. recently decided to replace the lighting that illuminates the tennis courts and basketball court / ice rink, as well as the surrounding access areas, at Beacon Hill Park, a 31,000 m2 community facility that serves 20,000 residents.

April 6, 2018  By  Ellen Cools

Working with local contractors to select the right products, the city replaced 20 1000W, 120-277V metal halide floodlights with 400W LED fixtures. Products were proposed by Concept Illumination and supplied to the winning contractor.

The fixtures were replaced one for one, two on each of ten poles using custom-made bullhorn brackets supplied to the contractor.

The products used are 4000K and each fixture is positioned to ensure the light is distributed where needed, which ensures minimal light trespass to the surrounding residences, says the city.

“It was important that we engaged closely with the contractor to propose solutions that would meet the goals of the project,” said Daniel Herz, project lead for Concept Illumination. “A detailed photometric analysis was done to make sure we exceeded the 300 lux average required by the city while maintaining uniformity, which is very important for sports lighting.”

The new lighting was switched on at the end of October 2017 and is expected to result in substantial energy savings. Additionally, by providing improved visibility, safety has also improved.

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