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Bioenergy agreement aims to strengthen Prince George mill

December 16, 2012 - BC Hydro and Canfor Pulp have an agreement to generate bioenergy at the Northwood mill in Prince George that, according to the partners, will enhance the viability of the facility that employs about 470 people.

December 16, 2012  By  Anthony Capkun

“With the previous resources provided by Natural Resources Canada and the BC Hydro Integrated Power Offer, this project is the next phase of our plan to demonstrate Canfor Pulp’s continued commitment to maximizing the energy efficiency at our operations and support incremental generation of clean, renewable power,” said Brett Robinson, president, Canfor Pulp.

Canfor will invest $26 million to upgrade two turbo-generators at the mill that will add 11MW of capacity to the provincial grid and provide 97GWh of electricity supply annually. In addition, Canfor’s investment will allow it to reduce its supply requirements from BC Hydro by 17GWh/year.

The agreement was signed under BC Hydro’s Integrated Power Offer: a program for pulp and paper customers that encourages them to generate additional clean and renewable energy, and invest in demand-side management projects. BC Hydro has signed Integrated Power Offer contracts with six customers, moving closer to its goal of obtaining 1200GWh of energy a year through the program. The Northwood turbine upgrade project is expected to be in-service by March 2014.


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