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BrainBox AI links to Niagara-controlled HVAC systems

Niagara-based HVAC systems can now access AI technology to decrease energy consumption in commercial buildings.

October 15, 2020  By Energy Manager Canada


BrainBox AI, the Montreal-based solution to intelligently control HVAC operations in buildings, has launched its driver for the Niagara Framework, the first artificial intelligence (AI) application to utilize an autonomous real-time cloud connection to the platform.

The Niagara Framework is the leading open platform for the building automation market with over 920,000 installations across the globe.

BrainBox AI’s driver supports both the AX and N4 versions of the Niagara Framework. With this native integration to the Niagara Framework, BrainBox AI aims to give more buildings access to its AI technology and the ability to significantly decrease energy consumption.

The BrainBox AI driver enables building owners and operators to bring AI to Niagara-controlled HVAC systems, quickly and easily. BrainBox AI’s technology transforms HVAC systems from reactive to pre-emptive, using the sensors and equipment already in place within a building.

According to the company, once fully optimized with BrainBox AI, an HVAC system can deliver up to a 25% reduction in total energy costs, 60% improvement in occupant comfort and 20-40% reduction in a building’s carbon footprint.

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