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Building automation and the cloud educational series in Orlando

I am often asked how one can learn more about the transitions now occurring in our building industry. One way is to travel to a warm location in January, and be part of the World's Largest HVAC&R Event and my 11th consecutive year of providing free education sessions at AHR Expo in Orlando, Florida (

January 14, 2010  By  Ken Sinclair

AHR Expo 2010 will bring together more than 1,800 exhibiting companies, dozens of industry organizations and over 25,000 visitors from all 50 states and over 120 countries. will host five fast moving free education sessions that discuss redefining our future while speaking to the building industry’s reinvention and the power of online web services in the Internet Cloud.

1. On the morning of Monday, January 25, Jim Sinopoli and I will be discussing The Reinvention of Building Automation.” As our industry reinvents itself and we become totally connected to the enterprise and smart grid, we need an injection of new ideas from web-based thinking to quickly propel us forward. The complexity of the building automation industry can appear greatly simplified with web services, Software as a Service (SaaS), and browser presentations. This session will also cover a few predictions for 2010 plus the new products, innovation and development since AHRExpo Chicago show.

2. On Monday afternoon, I’ll be hosting a session with Dave Branson on “Applications for BIM in Existing Buildings and Cloud Document Management.”
Cloud Computing provides a collaborative process that leverages web-based Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities and traditional Document Management to improve coordination of various disciplines during the design process. Learn more at this session.
3. On Tuesday morning, January 26, Jim Sinopoli and I will be back with an “Introduction to Cloud Services for Buildings.” The Cloud for the real estate industry has become real. As we see applications and services move ‘off-site’ and offered and provided by hosted service providers (SaaS), you can start to imagine the opportunities for managing real estate, reducing energy and providing value-added applications to the users of buildings.


4. Later on Tuesday, join Dave Branson and I for “Building Automation gets Griddy while colliding with the corporate Enterprise.” Designing and leveraging building systems technology to achieve both comfort and efficiency provides challenges under normal conditions, but add electrical grid interactions with real time pricing and it is a whole new game. Energy Business Intelligence and middleware technology is now being introduced to the building and HVAC space by Information Technology (IT) companies.

5. And on that same day, Toby Considine and I will host a session on “Collaborative Energy: Informed Communities of Building Systems.” New smart grid standards exchange information rather than control signals with buildings-based systems. Three information exchanges are the basis of collaborative energy: (1) energy scarcity, quality, and value; (2) grid and market events; and (3) live energy usage information. Energy and schedule-aware systems will compete on richness of user interface. Learn how these new expectations will change consumer and owner purchasing decisions.

There are many other seminars and workshops taking place presented by endorsing industry associations and other groups addressing current industry initiatives and topics of practical interest, most of which are absolutely free. For more information visit or check out my website at

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