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One great place for you to build your connections and networks with people who are radically changing the world is ConnectivityWeek. It offers an opportunity to create new networks and strengthen existing ones while rubbing shoulders with those that are redefining the Smart Grid, wireless, Web services, energy management, open standards, and more. This is the place to gain insight into how to unleash opportunities and new business from all of this change.

April 29, 2010  By  Ken Sinclair

I am track leader for Recreating BAS for Energy Management. This session explores the interoperability of legacy and new control systems to harness Internet and cloud computing applications to reduce costs and improve remote management. BAS is much more than a building manager’s control system. This track will review the synergies between the Smart Grid and intelligently controlled buildings, new technologies and applications that improve energy efficiencies, and the challenges that become tomorrow’s business opportunities.

Industry experts from the major BAS players will share their thoughts on how to make successful business out of “The Big Switch” to wireless cloud deployment. The term Big Switch is the title of an excellent book that describes this evolution in historical terms – check it out at

ConnectivityWeek is one of the premiere events targeting the Smart Grid, the intersection of innovative information and communication technologies with electric utilities, and energy management opportunities for energy consumers – whether these consumers are industrial, commercial or residential.

Building management industry veterans know that buildings are significant consumers of energy, and although many commercial buildings have deployed control solutions, these are often standalone and proprietary legacy systems. The convergence of Smart Grid technologies, cloud computing and Internet-enabled applications, plus economic, market, regulatory, and environmental drivers offer unprecedented business opportunities for innovators and established companies to deliver energy management solutions for new and existing building stock.

ConnectivityWeek brings industry experts across the industry spectrum together to discuss how intelligent buildings can reduce energy costs and become active participants in utility and service provider Demand Response programs through innovative technology solutions.

The panel discussions hosted by ConnectivityWeek deliver valuable and practical information that is not available in articles and books and covers a wide range of technologies such as microgeneration to management technologies for lighting, HVAC, security and access control, fire safety control, and office equipment and appliance controls for new and retrofit applications. The presentations cover small to large commercial facilities, industrial operations, and vertical markets such as hospitality. Newcomers to this exciting business sector and industry veterans have a range of topics to choose from, including the role of energy neutral buildings in the Smart Grid, the evolution from passive energy efficiency solutions to active grid participation, and in-depth conversations about standards and interoperability.

Of particular interest for me at this year’s show is the presence of a “Young Energy Network” at the event. Phil Baltazar is the leader of this network, which he describes as “a group for young professionals and students who are either working in or aspire to work in the ‘Smart’ energy industry.” The organization’s main focus is educating its members through industry events like ConnectivityWeek.

“By offering real world exposure to the problems, people and solutions, Young Energy members receive a learning experience that cannot be replaced by University classes or reading newsletters,” says Baltazar. The Network has organized a day track that address important topics for people beginning their career in the Smart Grid. Jobs, certifications specific to the industry and education tracks are a few items that will be addressed.

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