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Cavendish Farms New Annan Plant switching to natural gas to save on energy costs

April 18, 2011

Cavendish Farms will invest in new technology to use natural gas with the goal of achieving a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions at the New Annan plant.

“As with our investment in biogas, we are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint while making our plant more competitive,” said Robert Irving, president of Cavendish Farms. “We are looking to eliminate the use of 29 million litres/year of heavy oil while achieving a 30% reduction in energy costs and a 28 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with natural gas. This helps secure good paying manufacturing jobs on the Island.”

April 18, 2011  By  Anthony Capkun

This project will benefit Prince Edward Island’s environment and economy said Richard Brown, environment, energy and forestry minister. “It will allow Cavendish Farms to switch to a less expensive, cleaner source of energy, and will reduce greenhouse gases by 21,000 tonnes a year.”

Cavendish Farms will now invest in constructing the receiving station for natural gas truck deliveries. This construction will generate 35,000 person-hours of work. When completed, it is estimated that eight to 10 new jobs will be created by the move to natural gas. The company expects to begin using natural gas in December 2011.

“We appreciate the province’s support of this investment in cleaner air and energy efficiency with a repayable loan of $15 million for a five-year term,” added Irving.

PHOTO: Robert Irving, president of Cavendish Farms (left) and Richard Brown, PEI’s environment, energy and forestry minister (right). Photo by Brian Simpson.


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