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COLUMN – Building Data Delivery

July 8, 2013 - The new deliverable in our industry is data. Not that we are freed from providing our core deliverable of the best environmental control for the lowest possible energy use in a sustainable manner. It is just that we need to provide anywhere data to prove that we are achieving our original deliverable.  Whether you use Building as a noun or a verb it is now all about Building Data Delivery.

June 17, 2019  By the added benefits in operations

Our July issue is stuffed with many articles and interviews about how building data is being used and delivered. Much of the content has been fueled from the recent Realcomm/IBCon 2013 event and the Project-Haystack effort.

From Jack’s report from IBCon, Post Realcomm/IBCon 2013 Industry Update – Jack McGowan, Energy Control, he writes:

Big Building Data may not be a buzzword yet but a great deal of discussion took place around how Smart Connected Buildings produce a tremendous amount of data that can be used to improve operations. Whether that data is focused on energy, as discussed below, or operations, the challenge continues to be turning information into intelligence. There were a number of examples of products designed to support that effort, and some that had even been developed by building owners themselves. In many respects this is the new frontier, see my article from Buildings Magazine from a few months ago by CLICKING HERE.

The challenge for many in the buildings industry will be to make sense of the dizzying array of options available

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