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Cooling via multiple unit operation

Rittal’s TopTherm design offers users flexibility for baying enclosures and multiple unit operation through a new master-slave system. The system, which incorporates features such as fault diagnostics, door switch control, and PLC connection, ranges between 300W and 4000W (1,000 – 14,000 BTU) and is available as both a roof and wall mounted version.

The master-slave system avoids potential and unavoidable after service charges by the prevention of cooling units operating in isolation. Using a supplied shielded cable and linking all the cooling units together to form a teamwork unit, the system eliminates the common problem of units closest to large heat generators doing the majority of the work.

Rittal’s TopTherm Comfort Controller cooling units can use the system by a dedicated socket in the back or bottom of the units. The master-slave layout facilitates common activation and deactivation via door switches, user defined temperature set points, common collective fault signals and temperature logging, thus eliminating the need for intricate wiring. The master-slave system is supplied as a 3m-shielded cable, and with an operating manual for the programming of the cooling units.

The TopTherm cooling unit range along with accessories such as quick-change frames, door switches, ducting, and diagnostic software is stocked extensively and available off the shelf.

September 9, 2009  By Energy Management

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