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Danfoss offers PSH scroll and BOCK HGX56 CO2 T compressors for North America

The units are designed for hydronic and large capacity industrial heat pump systems.

The post Danfoss introduces new compressors appeared first on HPAC Magazine.

July 9, 2024  By  Doug Picklyk

July 9, 2024 - Danfoss is releasing two new compressors for natural and low-GWP refrigerants into the North American market including the PSH scroll compressor for reversible rooftop units and hydronic systems in cold climates, and the BOCK HGX56 CO2 T six-cylinder semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor for large-capacity industrial heat pumps. The new PSH scroll range compressor is ideal for North American reversible rooftop units and hydronic heat pump systems with higher discharge gas temperature limits. Featuring liquid, vapour, and wet injection, it comes with a full package of qualified components to manage the injection and delivers year-round comfort with a water-supply temperature of up to 65C/149F. The six-cylinder semi-hermetic BOCK HGX56 CO2 T achieves water temperatures up to 90C/194F and offers an efficient alternative to ammonia and synthetic refrigerants. The HGX56 CO2 T reduces the number of compressors required for large industrial heat pumps, refrigeration, and district heating systems. The versatile PSH scroll range is optimized for systems transitioning to lower GWP options like R454B. The post Danfoss introduces new compressors appeared first on HPAC Magazine.

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