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Dartmouth College eliminates 100 bulbs through lighting retrofit

October 24, 2014 - When Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H., initiated a campus-wide project to improve efficiency and make university operations more eco-friendly, one of the main focuses was installing green lighting and upgrading existing fixtures to cut energy use.

October 24, 2014  By TerraLux

The Baker-Berry Library was one of the buildings targeted for a lighting upgrade. However, maintenance staff faced a challenge—the ceiling in the library is perforated metal in some areas and solid sheet rock in others, so installing new light fixtures would require locating a fixture that would identically match the current openings cut into the ceiling. Ideally, Dartmouth needed a solution that would allow the college to leave the current fixtures in place and retrofit them to be more efficient.
In order to fit the space, Dartmouth chose TerraLux’s linear LED retrofit kits for the project.

“We selected TerraLux for the LED retrofit project in Baker-Berry Library because its products could be installed so easily from below without needing access from above in the ceiling,” said Sam Zucker, electrical engineering designer at Dartmouth College. “Once the old bulbs and ballasts were removed, we simply screwed the TerraLux units in, twisted together a few wires and the installation was complete, each fixture only took a few minutes.”

Before the switch to LEDs, two 26W pin-based compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) powered each can light in the library. These were replaced with TerraLux’s DLH7 4-in., 16W dual units. Some of the lights were also retrofit for dimming capabilities.

As a result of “improved lighting quality and output”, Dartmouth said 100 light fixtures were eliminated and the library saw 2/3 energy savings.


Photos courtesy TerraLux.

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