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Dr. Jan Carr joins Legend Power Board

BURNABY, BC — Legend Power Systems Inc. announced this week that Dr. Jan Carr, former CEO of the Ontario Power Authority, is joining its Board as an independent director.

"It is a pleasure to welcome Dr. Carr, a renowned industry expert, to Legend's Board. His ample, worldwide experience and vision of our industry's future are invaluable assets to assist in Legend's growth," said Legend Chairman and CEO Gerry Gill.

Legend's strategy is focused on the commercialization of the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, a patented device that achieves substantial energy savings through voltage optimization. Legend's sales force has identified and is actively engaging customers in Ontario, BC and other regions that will benefit from the installation of the Harmonizer-AVR.

"Legend's product is aligned with conservation strategies that are being implemented throughout the world. Dr. Carr's experience and success in this industry back up our conviction that we're bringing a superior product to the market," said Legend Board member Michael Costello, former CEO of BC Hydro and BC Transmission Corporation. "We look forward to Jan's contribution to the Board of Directors."

Jan Carr was the Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Power Authority from the time of its founding in January 2005 until September 2008. Prior to that, he was Vice Chair of the Ontario Energy Board during its transition from a government department to a self-funding independently operated tribunal.

Dr. Carr has more than 35 years of experience in the electricity sector as a professional engineer, holding senior positions in the design and planning of electricity transmission and distribution systems. He has worked on projects in many parts of the world, including Asia, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean. He has been a consultant to utilities, governments and other stakeholders on the financial, business, strategic and policy aspects of the electric power industry.

Legend Power Systems Inc. ( is an electrical energy conservation company that manufactures and markets a patented device to help commercial and industrial customers achieve energy savings through voltage optimization. Legend Power's Electrical Harmonizer-AVR helps companies reduce their electricity bills, maintenance costs, and increases the life of electrical equipment, while contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

February 3, 2010  By Newswire

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