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E-Mon’s New Web-Mon Energy Monitor

E-Mon, LLC, the electric submetering market leader and manufacturer of the widely installed E-Mon D-Mon product line, recently announced the launch of Web-Mon, an internet-enabled energy monitoring device that provides energy data via any standard internet browser. A built-in website right out of the box, Web-Mon requires no add-on software or programming to provide a "dashboard" display of various energy parameters of up to 24 meter inputs. Real-time meter data is displayed alongside historic readings from the previous seven, 30 and 365 days. Typical customers include commercial and industrial facilities, utilities, institutional applications and multi-tenant residential facilities, among others.

April 8, 2009  By Energy Management

"Accurate, timely snapshots of energy usage and carbon footprint data are essential for supporting progressive energy management and green building initiatives," said Don Millstein, president and CEO of E-Mon. "Web-Mon is designed to provide users with a user-friendly web interface that allows them to view live energy data, charts and graphs via any standard internet browser – without unneeded bells, whistles or costly custom programming."

An easy sequential set-up process quickly configures Web-Mon to the user’s unique requirements. Entering the IP address of the Web-Mon into the user’s standard internet browser brings up attractive, easy-to-read, pre-configured graphical screen templates showing electrical consumption (kWh), peak demand (kW), power factor, Volts, Amps by phase, VARs and more. A "carbon footprint dashboard," also standard, provides a one-page snapshot of any metered device or circuit in terms of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions – while automatically displaying estimated forest re-growth needed to compensate for the displayed levels. Other displayed equivalents include miles driven, gasoline used, etc. Standard features and options include:

  • User friendly, password-protected web interface lets users view live energy data, charts and graphs via any standard web browser;
  • Interface up to 24 metering points, including E-Mon D-Mon meters and other electric, water, gas steam and BTU meters:
  • E-Mon Class 3000 meters and other serial communication devices are linked via RS-485 daisy-chain connection up to 4,000 feet total;
  • E-Mon Class 1000 & 2000 meters and other pulse-enabled meters (e.g., water, gas) connect to optional 8-port I/O modules (up to 3 modules per Web-Mon) and can be up to 200 feet from Web-Mon;
  • Export data to E-Mon EnergyTM Software or CSV files for interface with other software packages;
  • Internal memory stores up to 5 years of daily kWh consumption & peak demand, and up to 60 days of 15-minute interval data;
  • Ethernet connection to Internet supports either static or DHCP IP addresses;
  • Enclosure options include: standard JIC steel, customized MMU cabinet complete with E-Mon meters; or no enclosure;
  • Web-Mon includes AC adapter to power unit; available with optional DIN rail power supply. 

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