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NRCan earmarks $100MIL for Codes Acceleration Fund projects

Natural Resources Canada is offering $100 million in opportunities for projects geared toward accelerating the adoption and implementation of the “highest feasible tiers of national model energy codes or other high-performance building codes”. The funding consists of two (2) streams: one for provinces, territories, municipalities, Indigenous governments and communities with the authority to adopt energy codes, and the other for organizations that do not have authority to adopt energy codes.

Funding for six Canadian cleantechs “Fostering low-carbon communities”

SDTC is meting out a total of $2.5 million in seed funding to 25 Canadian companies that are “developing new technologies to fight the effects of climate change, contribute to the circular economy, and promote the well-being of people and the protection of nature”. Among those recipients is PolarBlock, which "is grateful to be chosen as one of only 25 organizations in Canada to receive funding from SDTC,” said Jennifer Billesberger, founder and executive director.


Tyee achieves BC Energy Step Code #5 in Kimberley

BC homebuilder Tyee Homes has set a new bar for energy efficiency in residential construction, reports FortisBC, completing a new development with a home that reached the highest level of the BC Energy Step Code.* Located within a seven-unit duplex development in Kimberley, the home achieved Step 5 of the Step Code (net-zero energy ready) by incorporating passive solar design, a high level of airtightness and high-efficiency natural gas combination space and water heating system. » Learn more...

“Why are we limiting our ability to achieve net-zero?”

Canada’s net-zero pathway requires a suite of complementary, local, low-carbon energy solutions that are not being adequately pursued, argues QUEST Canada, which is why the organization ran a campaign entitled “Why are we limiting our ability to achieve net-zero?”. “We must shift the conversation […] by building on electrification with the inclusion of a diversity of local low-carbon energy solutions,” says Tonja Leach, executive director, QUEST Canada. » Read More...

ASHRAE publishes new BPS guide; redesigns decarbonization webpage

ASHRAE has published a new Building Performance Standards (BPS) Technical Resource Guide, created to provide a technical basis for policymakers, building owners, practitioners and other stakeholders interested in developing and implementing a BPS policy. The guide focuses on reducing building operating energy use and resulting emissions in existing commercial and multi-family buildings, and was jointly developed by ASHRAE, the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) and its national laboratories. » Learn more...


ROOFTech – Toronto

April 4-5, Mississauga, Ont. » More info...


April 19-20, Montreal » More info...