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North American homes to benefit from ABB and Lumin partnership

ABB is investing in Lumin—a U.S.-based provider of “responsive” energy management solutions—to bring new smart and sustainable technologies to homes in North America. “Our focus is on meeting the growing demand for integrated, easy to use, flexible products and solutions to help customers effectively manage their energy usage and lower energy costs as fast as possible,” said Mike Mustapha, president, ABB Electrification–Smart Buildings.

“Strengthened” Oil to Heat Pump Affordability program on The Rock

The Government of Canada launched the “strengthened” Oil to Heat Pump Affordability (OHPA) program in Newfoundland & Labrador, under which low- to median-income households can apply to receive up to $22,000 in funding to help cover cost of switching to a heat pump. The upfront average cost of purchasing and installing a heat pump system in Canada—about $18,400, notes NRCan—remains a formidable barrier to adoption.


A successful energy study starts with defining the project scope

Energy studies can vary significantly, depending on the facility and the client’s objectives, which is why defining a clear scope of work is crucial for success. The energy study scope should be realistic and manageable while considering available resources and the complexity of the facility. When the scope is ill-defined, the result is typically a project that exceeds its budget or fails to meet its objectives... plus an unsatisfied client. » Read more

Cool savings, warm homes: Ontario’s free air-source heat pump program

To help income-eligible residents of Ontario living in electrically heated homes lower their energy costs, Save on Energy is offering free, cold-climate air-source heat pumps to qualifying households through its Energy Affordability Program. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, and can reduce costs by up to 50% when switching from an electric furnace or baseboard. » Read more

OBEC Dinner Meeting – “Are Canadian roofs ready for climate adaptation?”

The Ontario Building Envelope Council is hosting a dinner meeting later this month that will address the topic “Are Canadian roofs ready for climate adaptation?”, with a focus on CSA A123.26 “Performance requirements for climate resilience of low-slope membrane roofing systems”. Intended for building designers and owners, building code officials, product manufacturers, and installers, CSA A123.26 provides holistic solutions to increase roof resiliency. » Read more

Outdoor air's role: engineers seek cost-effective clean air strategies

Mechanical engineers know: outdoor air can mitigate airborne contaminants, but introducing unconditioned air is energy intensive. So how much outdoor air is enough to mitigate an indoor air quality situations, or offset daily airborne CO2 or volatile organic compounds without raising operating costs? Some organizations are turning to a fairly new building certification to address this conundrum. » Read more


Light + Building

March 3-8, Frankfurt am Main, Germany » More info

The MEET Show

May 1-2, Moncton, N.B. » More info