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Enbridge and Toronto Community Housing mark 10 years of “triple bottom-line” benefits

February 16, 2022  By  Anthony Capkun

New townhomes constructed as part of TCHC’s multi-decade Regent Park revitalization project, which is making new buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient for tenants. Photo: CNW Group/Enbridge Gas Inc.

February 16, 2022 – Enbridge Gas Inc. and Toronto Community Housing Corp. (TCHC) recently celebrated a decade-long partnership that has decreased energy costs and increased comfort for residents.

“An important part of our capital plan is investment to make buildings more energy-efficient while improving tenant comfort,” said Jag Sharma, president & CEO, TCHC. “In our last fiscal year, Enbridge Gas provided [TCHC] with more than $1 million dollars in incentive rebates.”

Over 10 years of partnership, Enbridge Gas supported the reduction in our buildings’ energy consumption and utility costs, Sharma continued, “while improving heating, cooling and hot water reliability for our tenants”.

“With their support, we’re well on our way to reaching our goal of 25% emissions reduction by 2028,” Sharma concluded.


Through its Affordable Housing Multi-Residential Program, Enbridge Gas provides annual incentive rebates to the housing corporation that enables it to invest in energy efficiency upgrades, resulting in reduced emissions and savings in the cost of natural gas.

The partnership was formed more than a decade ago, explains Enbridge. In 2020/2021, it provided rebates totalling over $1 million. The rebates supported 26 projects involving a combination of measures, including high-efficiency boilers, ventilation upgrades, building controls, and modern heating and cooling systems at various locations throughout Toronto.

The energy efficiency modifications achieved an annual operating cost avoidance of more than $400,000 for TCHC and natural gas savings of about 1.4 million cubic metres, which translates into an annual reduction of 2557 metric tonnes of CO2, Enbridge added.

Cumulatively, over the life of the equipment upgrades, Enbridge anticipates the program to save more than 26 million cubic metres of natural gas and $7.8 million in avoided gas costs.

“Through this collaboration with Enbridge Gas, TCHC has reduced its carbon footprint, improved comfort for its tenants, and redirected its utility bill reduction to other important housing initiatives, such as safety and accessibility,” said Malini Giridhar, Enbridge Gas. “This is a triple bottom-line benefit from energy management.”

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