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Energy Efficiency Alberta announces model number requirements changes

January 2, 2018 — Energy Efficiency Alberta is now requiring that OEM model numbers be displayed on the physical equipment so that it can be verified during post-installation site inspections. The organization says this is in an efffort to increase the speed of application processing and to expedite post-installation site inspections for the Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program.

January 2, 2018  By  Ellen Cools

In the case of re-branded products, with model numbers displayed on products that differ for the OEM model number, Energy Efficiency Alberta requires that the re-branded model number be listed with the DLC, and that the DLC Product ID be referenced in the application.

All applications for products with DLC technical eligibility require a DLC qualified model number and associated DLC Product ID in the equipment section of the online application and application documentation (price quote, invoice, specification sheets).

This change will take effect this week, the first week of January 2018, and only affect new applications.


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