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Energy Leaders Consortium aims to reduce energy costs by nearly $1M per year

March 5, 2012 - Organizations from the Pearson Eco-Business Zone, with the guidance of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority's (TRCA) Partners in Project Green and 360 Energy, have accepted the challenge to further reduce their energy costs by 5%, which translates to close to $1 million per year.

March 5, 2012  By  Alyssa Dalton

This group of companies constitutes the Energy Leaders Consortium, a group organized by the TRCA’s Partners in Project Green initiative. This team of companies from the Pearson Eco-Business Zone already focus on energy efficiency, and their wish is to move even further by instilling effective energy management practices throughout their organizations for more sustained savings, year after year, they explained.

The main purpose of the consortium is to give these organizations the opportunity to learn how to further reduce their energy costs through both expert facilitation, as well as a forum that allows them to meet and exchange ideas with other consortium members. The goal is for these companies to adopt models for continuous improvement in energy management.

360 Energy will be leading this group by providing a management process where members will be able to embed energy management throughout the company, describing its approach as a proven energy management process which emphasizes cost savings.

“Utilizing the tools and techniques learned in the consortium, participants are expected to achieve 5% energy savings within the first year by integrating energy management throughout their organization, using no cost, low cost and some capital expenditures,’ according to David Arkell, president and CEO of 360 Energy, an energy services firm based in Burlington, Ont.


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