Energy Manager

Energy Manager champions the cause for energy savings

Energy is not a fixed cost!

January 16, 2012 - Continuing its evolution to better serve the growing discipline of energy management, Energy Management Canada is now simply and succinctly:

Energy Manager

This evolution began last year when we realigned our mandate to include more than just electrical but rather all building systems impacting energy consumption.

January 17, 2012  By  Anthony Capkun

Also, recognizing that not everyone cares for the sustainability movement, we became all about informing owners, managers, consultants and other consumers about things they can do to reduce energy consumption and save money. Ultimately, this reduces the amount of fossil fuels we have to burn, or hydro plants we have to build, to generate electricity.

The biggest challenge our readers face, however, is convincing the powers-that-be that energy is not a fixed cost! Today’s and tomorrow’s energy managers need modern tools and current information to enable them to champion the cause of energy management and efficiency.

Energy Manager is that tool.

We will continue to provide our audience with information on technology, products and solutions so they can stay on top of leading-edge developments in electrical, automation, building envelope, mechanical, etc., and make informed decisions on how and where to increase their energy efficiency and save big bucks.


If it’s measured in kWh or m3, it’s part of our mandate!

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