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The bottom line benefits of lean operations and energy efficient systems are clear in any economy. But when operating budgets are tight, energy efficiency measures can be the most cost-effective action a business can take. Energy Excellence is the place to find the tips and tricks that can help you improve the day-to-day performance of your facilities.

May 8, 2009  By Robert Colman

ENEX was launched last year by CLB Media (publisher of Energy Management, Green Business and PEM) and its project partners the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium to offer commercial and industrial facility managers, maintenance managers and engineers a two-day event in which to learn more about how best to manage their energy use.

ENEX is an innovative learning and networking conference and exhibition focused on world-class best practices in energy management and efficiency. The ENEX09 is being held in Spring 2010. Watch the Energy Management website for updates on time and place.

The 2008 event was a great success, featuring 17 speakers dealing with such issues as incentive programs, new technologies, maintenance and energy management best practices. About 100 attendees benefited from hands-on and interactive sessions, as well as a trade show that featured the newest in energy management technologies and management services.

Next year’s event will follow on that success, offering attendees important updates on incentive programs, lighting technologies, cost-effective breakthrough technologies, and case studies by industry leaders with real experience in making at difference in their operations.  


Both speakers and delegates at ENEX08 indicated that not enough is being done to improve energy management practices. And yet, there are companies leading the way and making a difference. Doug Dittburner, chief engineer and energy team leader at Molson Coors Canada’s Toronto Brewery was on hand to explain how his team is making a difference at the brewery.

And Jean George Ghannoum, assistant manager of energy at Ivaco Rolling Mills was able to explain how his company has managed to save substantial sums of money by developing effective energy management practices. Yet even Ghannoum insists he can’t be complacent on energy management issues – maintaining a good energy management program is still a challenge.  

Join us for ENEX to hear from other industry experts that will share their unique perspectives on this important issue.

Beyond the speakers, however, are opportunities for attendees to interact with industry experts one-on-one through technical demonstrations and bear pit sessions in which attendees can share their pain points amongst each other and get critical feedback from their peers. This is a conference that focuses on the most critical take-away of any conference – the networking opportunities.

“Energy has been on the front burner for EMC members for some time and ENEX08 is a key component of our manufacturing initiative, said Al Diggins, President and General Manager of EMC. “This event is designed not only to teach participants about improvement opportunities, but also how to open the door to incredible networking and peer learning resources, as well as the strategies, programs and technologies that can be engaged to deliver significant energy cost savings and efficiencies.”

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