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Enlighted introduces The Enlighted System

December 21, 2017 — The Enlighted System from Enlighted is comprised of four components that work together to serve as a platform for Internet of Things (IoT) technology: Enlighted Smart Sensors; Enlighted Room Control; Enlighted Gateway; Enlighted Energy Manager.

December 21, 2017  By  Ellen Cools

Courtesy Enlighted

Through data from the Smart Sensors, the system automates, analyzes, controls and reports environmental data to drive building automation and efficiency, says the company.

The Smart Sensors can automatically adjust energy consumption by responding to light, motion, heat and other environmental factors that occur within spaces as small as a 10-ft. x 10-ft. area beneath each sensor. Data is collected and transmitted through wireless IoT technology for use in Enlighted’s customer dashboards and software applications.

Meanwhile, Enlighted Room Control is a lighting remote control or wall-mounted device that allows individuals to change illumination levels and lighting configurations to save energy or tailor illumination for specific tasks. Enlighted Gateways are conduits between Smart Sensors and the Energy Manager that are used to wirelessly gather data from individual sensors.

Finally, the Energy Manager stores, performs analysis and provides visual reporting of sensor data through a browser-based dashboard. It can extend data reporting to third party systems through various posts and peripherals.


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